Sunday, June 2, 2019

Our Royal Pampering at Oasis Spa Sukhumvit

Bangkok is an amazing place where one can marvel at ancient structures whilst enjoying the modern ones. It is a place where you can immerse yourself in its rich cultural heritage and at the same time have your fill of Thai cuisine in its numerous street corners and shopping in luxurious malls.

So eventually, one needs to relax and unwind a bit before continuing with the busy travel itinerary and where's the best place to do this but at Oasis Spa Sukhumvit.

I have to admit that the weeklong Bangkok itinerary that my daughter made didn't include a spa but after three days of non-stop walking and eating (ooops!), I have to say we need to slow down a bit otherwise we'll get sick.

Serenity greeted us upon entering the spa whose browns and greens gives off soothing vibes. I guess we're off to a great start!

The Oasis Spa branch that we went to was located in Sukhumvit 31. It is very easy to reach since the place is very accessible via MRT and BTS Skytrain. Or you can always book Grab.

It is always best to make a reservation because they only have several rooms and Oasis Spa is quite popular since there there were some guests when we arrived for our 11:00 AM appointment.

After being given a warm ginger tea, my daughter and I were led by our masseuse to our private pampering quarters.

The room was very zen in appearance and the oils that will be used on us was already there. We got the King of Oasis which is a 2 hour pampering with a series of aromatherapy with Thai massage, herbal hot compress and massage oil that also includes soothing music.

Both daughter and I opted for the regular or standard massage. Other choices were "soft" and "hard" so we chose the one in-between. And it was really quite relaxing and my daughter and I agreed that both our masseuse have the gentlest hands! Our whole body received a royal pampering that begins from the soles of the feet up to the temples- all in poetic motion assisted by the hot herbal compress that seem to help our tired muscles relaxed.

And it was really such a shame when the two hour session ended. I was thinking that having a two hour massage will bore me but I was proven wrong because time seem to pass by quickly. We both wished it was longer so that we can still enjoy the body pampering.

Afterwards, we were given a cup of ginger tea again and some fruits before leaving the premises. There's also a shuttle service going to BTS Asoke or Phrom Phong stations.

Truthfully speaking, I abhor massages because had a traumatic experience long time ago in Manila where the result ended with me having a sore body because of the masseuse' heavy hands!

The ladies who pampered us at Oasis Spa not only have the gentlest hands but are also very soft spoken and polite. It was truly a memorable bonding experience for me and my daughter and I'm looking forward to our next spa-date.

Oasis Spa @ Sukhumvit 31
64 Soi Sawasdee, Sukhumvit 31,
Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Oasis Spa @ Sukhumvit 51
88 Sukhumvit 51 Road
Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Tel +66(0) 2262.2122


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