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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Sun Life Talks with Krie Lopez, Sarah Black, and Bo Sanchez

Sun Life announced its latest partnership this time with Waze and Fitness First, and introduced the Life and Investment Calculators during the presscon for its monthly campaign- Life, Health and Wealth.

After which, every one was invited to the Sun Life Talks that highlighted the inspirational experiences of Ms. Krie Lopez of Messy Bessy; Ms. Sarah Black, famed photographer; and Mr. Bo Sanchez, author and lay minister.

Ms. Krie Lopez is the force behind Messy Bessy. It is a line of non-harmful products both for personal and home use.

"Messy Bessy was established 11 years ago for the sole purpose of providing education and empowerment for disadvantaged young adults. They are impoverished, abused, incarcerated young adults. We employed these young adults and gave them scholarships and teach them how to be employable. We make sure they go to college.

In the Philippines, a college diploma is critical if you want to break out from poverty.
We offer tutoring to the "kids." We make sure that their health is also addressed because most of them are malnourished. We also involve the parents.

We also teach them financial literacy. A lot of these "kids" are first time earners so holding money .. we teach them how to save. In our program, they pay for their own tuition aside from saving. They pay for rent, basic needs, we teach them how to budget.

Messy Bessy is a business so we make sure that it is viable and profitable also so that it can provide for the whole program. The big goal is for every kid in our program to get a job of their choice.

"Why do you do what you do?" The answer is why, that is because I have a big WHY. What make me do this crazy thing that people think is crazy and one reason also is because I am surrounded by these kids.

These kids has many interesting stories to tell. They are born from poverty and most of them are the first ones to graduate in their respective families.

One single diploma in a household will lift the poverty incidence from 2% to over 44%.
Surrounded by these kids and their stories, this is the gift that people don't realize Messy Bessy has we are fueled by this impalpable inspiration that we work every day and that our work never feels like work."

Ms. Krie Lopez is truly an inspiration, the epitome for a fulfilled individual and her aura is just contagious.

Ms. Sarah Black, one of the country's popular photographers shares her life changing experiences just when she is at the peak of her career. She didn't expect that she would get sick with cancer, and get into an accident. Given her disposition, she didn't allow the challenges she encountered to hinder her life. She is now a wellness practitioner.

Mr. Bo Sanchez, is an author and a lay minister popularly known as "preacher in jeans."

"This is not an accident that you are all here today because God wants you to be here. Our experiences are affected by our expectations.

He said that when he was young, he love Saint Francis so much that he told himself that he want to emulate Saint Francis. Being a teenager, he was so inspired to help the poor like Saint Francis that he gave away all his clothes without telling his mom. Of course, he was in a pickle after that incident but that didn't stop him from following his heart and true calling.

He had his first taste of living in the slum area and living with the poor at the young age of fifteen. He was doing ministry work since then.

He said his retirement goal was to live with the beggars when he grows old but that plan changed when he got married. "My theology that time was- if you love God, you have to be poor. In my mind, I really thought that money was evil."

People were asking me to pray about their money problems and I had an epiphany after countless of pray overs. The last straw was when he met a woman and her daughter who asked her to pray for her money problem. The woman said she needed money to pay her daughter's tuition but even if it was a small amount, Bo can't help because he only has Php20 in his pocket. So he uttered a prayer, "Okay God, for the sake of that woman and her daughter and people like her, I give you permission to make me rich."

His life started to change after that, he started learning how to study about money so that he won't just say, "let us pray."

"I realized now that the ultimate purpose of wealth is really to love poeple. And when you get that, you can have all the money you want to earn." Say this with me- "Earn as much as you can, so that you can give as much as you can."


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