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Monday, June 24, 2019

The BrickYard Presents: 2019 Tamiya Mini 4WD Asia Challenge Manila

Tamiya collectors, enthusiasts, and racers gathered in Glorietta 2,  Makati City for the first ever Tamiya Mini 4WD Asia Challenge Manila hosted by The BrickYard. The four-day event gathered not only Tamiya-fans and racers from the Philippines but from other countries like Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, et al.

Winner of the Tamiya Asia Challenge Manila will go to Japan on November and will compete in the 2019 Japan Cup.

This is the first time that The Philippines is hosting such an event. Tamiya building and racing has been gaining popularity again for the past few years although it has been around for about five decades now here in the country. Looking back, it was Lils Hobby Center who has been instrumental in popularizing Tamiya way, way back and now, through its partnership with The BrickYard whose main aim is not only to bring back the love for Tamiya for hobbyists and collectors but as a bonding activity for the family as well.

The 2019 Tamiya Mini 4WD Asia Challenge Manila didn't happen overnight. It was a year-long preparation not only of building and testing the racetrack but also of hosting mini-race events as a process of elimination on who will make it to the much awaited 2019 Asia Challenge Manila.

"The Tamiya Mini 4WD gained popularity once again because of The BrickYard and I am very happy with The BrickYard especially with the Asia Challenge Manila and we also introduced the Tamiya Dyipne thanks to the suggestion of Mr. Ferdie Khan," Shunsaku Tamiya, President and Chairman of The Tamiya Group.

This is the special edition Tamiya Dyipne which was released in the Philippines just in time for the 2019 Tamiya Mini 4WD Asia Challenge Manila.

Tamiya and Lils Hobby Center have been partners for fifty years and The BrickYard (TYB)just came in recently although it was TBY who put up the racetrack and it became a venue for hobbyist and racers. Coincidentally, The BrickYard is opening another branch in Vertis North this month.

Here are the list of winners of the 2019 Tamiya Asia Challenge Manila:

Stock Kit Winners- Arie Roque from Philippines, 4th runner-up; Mr. Watcharapong from Thailand, 3rd runner-up; Mr. Huttaprom from Thailand, 2nd runner-up; Ong Chee Lip from Malaysia, 1st runner-up; and Mr. Jackraphan from Thailand, Champion.

Open Class Race Winners- Huh Eunh Wan from South Korea, 4th runner-up; John Eleazar Fabian from Philippines, 3rd runner-up; Darwin Basco from Philippines, 2nd runner-up; Alvin John Linchangco from Philippines, 1st runner-up; and Melvin Bien Chavez from Philippines emerged as the Champion.

Mr. Jackraphan of Thailand who won the Stock Kit category and Mr. Melvin Bien Chaves of the Philippines, winner of the Open Class Race will both go to Japan on November for the 2019 Tamiya Japan Cup. And to commemorate that event, Tamiya will release this kawaii Baron Viento Japan Cup 2019 model.



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