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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Tourism Authority of Thailand Introduces Yaya Sperbund as its Ambassador

Urassaya Sperbund, or more popularly known as Yaya Sperbund is in Manila to promote, "Open To The New Shades," Tourism Authority of Thailand's latest campaign that highlights the lovely destinations and diversity in Thailand.

Open To The New Shades campaign embraces and welcome all visitors with open arms, no discrimination. Mr. Kajorndet Apichartrakul, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand for Philippines and Singapore. He also introduced Yaya Sperbund as their newest ambassador.

"There is always something new and special to experience in Thailand. I've always described it as a country that's full of life. From the busy streets of Bangkok- which I know a lot of Filipinos love because of the street food and shopping, Thailand also offers its visitor a different experience when you explore its lush Northern regions or the exotic islands in its Southern parts, said Yaya Sperbund.

"In Thailand, we believe that diversity is amazing," said Mr. Apichartrakul. "It's one of the traits that make the world colorful and full of love- and this is something that we try to show our visitors. We want them to feel welcomed, loved, and given the freedom to experience the best of what our counrty has to offer."

Yaya Sperbund


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