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Monday, June 24, 2019

360 Selfie GlamShot: Life of the Party

Notch-up the party with 360 Selfie as you sway to your groove!

This continuously evolving video booth that captures glamorous shots and much, much more.

Lovely sisters Verne and Verniece Enciso at the GlamShot Infinity Booth Philippines at the recent MEGA Equality Ball.

The 360 Selfie is the first of its kind here in the Philippines and it perfectly captures the beauty of the moment. But not only that, you can customize your own 360 Selfie video booth such as this lovely GlamShot with its psychedelic background. Hello Austin!

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford at the MEGA Ball creates a tantalizing video captured by the 360 Selfie GlamShot.

Its latest feature is the 360 GlamShot Infinity that seem to challenge the norm from capturing amazing shots, with its enchanting and alluring effects.

Check this video and see for yourself how the GlamShot Infinity works.

The 360 Selfie video/ photo booth is also perfect not just for parties, weddings, reunions but for other events as well like product launch, and other corporate activities wherein having an interactive photo booth heightens the experience.

Vice Ganda at the MEGA Ball and poses seductively in front of the 360 Selfie GlamShot Infinity.

For more information and details, please visit: 360 Selfie FB Page or 360 Selfie PH 


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