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Sunday, June 30, 2013

DOTC To Make Commuting In Metro Manila More Convenient

June 30, 2013

Manila, Philippines – An exhaustive, two (2)-year effort to gather and organize previously-unavailable data on buses, jeepneys, and trains in Metro Manila has been completed by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), now making it possible for commuters to plan their trips more efficiently and conveniently.

The initiative of building the Philippine Transit Information Service (PTIS) began in 2011, at a time when the Transport agency could not immediately provide certain essential information to commuters, such as the best route to take at a particular time, as well as the travel times involved. 

“The need to gather reliable data at that time in order to deliver convenient and efficient services to the public was immediately recognized and pursued,” explained DOTC spokesperson Migs Sagcal.

Using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the DOTC gathered data on more than nine hundred (900) bus, train, and jeepney routes.  It also collected useful information such as the fares and amounts of time required to take these various modes of transport.

Following this, the data was organized and analyzed by the DOTC along with other concerned offices such as the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board (LTFRB), the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA), and the Metro Rail Transit Corporation (MRTC).

As a result, it will now be possible to find out what a commuter’s options are to get from one point to another in Metro Manila, what types of transportation and how many transfers will be involved, and how much money and time each option will require.

“Our next step is to make the PTIS accessible to the public.  The intention has always been to use modern technology in empowering people to make well-informed decisions on their commute,” added Sagcal.

The two (2)-year data gathering and analysis effort was made possible by a grant from the World Bank, which also funded a similar project of the Cebu City Government to make its traffic management efforts more advanced.

The DOTC, MMDA, and the Cebu City Government will be hosting a three month-long competition called the Philippine Transit App Challenge along with other government agencies beginning this month, where individuals and groups mainly from the Information Technology (IT) industry will compete to develop applications using the PTIS database, which the public may then use to choose their best routes at any given time.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GADGET REVIEW: Alcatel Soleil One Touch


Android 4.3
Dual Sim
1GHz Dual Core
4.0 Display
Micro SD Support
2G internal memory
Colors Available: Black, White, Mauve

Here's my personal review:

Aesthetically speaking, this is a very classy-looking mobile phone especially if you happen to get the white one. It looks very neat and clean, and it's not that bulky to hold. The size is just right for my palm.

As for the screen, the size of the icons and the font are also perfect. As for the font, it can still be adjusted to make it smaller or bigger. I find that reading ebooks in this phone is not difficult.

The wifi connection also works nicely and surfing or checking emails is easy.

The battery is another matter though. I noticed that if I used a lot of apps, the battery tends to drain fast and I need to charge it 2x in a day. But after a week of using it, I discovered that you can just turn off the phone for an hour or two if the battery is low and it will recharge "magically" once you turn it on. Nice, right?

As for the camera, I find that some shots were not that clear or a bit blurry. I'm not sure if its because of the settings since I really haven't read the manual nor toyed with the camera settings. But that's okay since I only use the photos for IG.

My only complaint is that there are no available cases for Alcatel Soleil and maybe with other Alcatel phones also since this brand is a newbie on android phones.

And I didn't buy this phone, I just got it from my mobile network provider for being a loyal subscriber so I'm not sure how much is the market value.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Philippine Independence Day

The Philippine Independence was proclaimed in Kawit, Cavite on June 12, 1898. Today, the country celebrates the 115th Anniversary of Philippine Independence.

Anyways, I'm still reading the second book of the Game of Thrones series but since its Independence Day, I'm going to reread-- "The Untold Story of Imelda Marcos" by Carmen Navarro Pedrosa.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To Love And Cherish

I am not really fond of watching television, nor to I indulge in showbiz gossip. However, I've seen the "Maricar and Richard Poon" wedding video trending on fb since yesterday and curiosity got me today. Yes, I finally gave in and watched the video. 

Here's the link:

And I don't really read showbiz news but if more than half of the people I encounter every day talks about something, then it gets into my consciousness. So I have more or less an idea of Maricar's past lovelife, etc. Uy, and we're on first-name basis pa! hehe. Kidding aside, watching the wedding video made me cry. So much love and happiness from the newlyweds. I'm glad I'm here alone in my office area at home, otherwise, hubby and daughter might panic and ask what's happening to me.. hahaha. 

For Maricar, this is not the end of the fairy tale but the beginning. Love and cherish your Prince even if he turns out to be a frog.  For Richard, continue to be not just the Prince Charming, but the Fairy Prince to your Princess as well. I wish the newlyweds an eventful and blissful life together. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Remembering Lea

Remembering Lea

I happen to read this blog yesterday --- An Encounter With The Dumagat Tribe by Ms. Claire Madarang. Then I suddenly remembered Lea.

In a nutshell, the Dumagat's of Aurora Province needs our help.

What the kids need--- raincoats, umbrellas, slippers, bond papers, notebooks, ball pens, crayons, rice grains (bigas), beans/ munggo. canned goods and biscuits are also okay but rice and beans are preferred.

Please get in touch with the Ananda Marga Yoga Center and look for Vijay. Address is 46 Maamo St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. Tel # (632) 9246068/ 0919-8618857. Thank you very much. :)

*** photo was from a quarry site in Lagawe, Bontoc Province.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blog Ambassador For My World

My World. The United Nations Global Survey for A Better World.

Two weeks ago, I happen to read an invitation to blog and answer the United Nations global survey which you can find here. I blogged about it --- Let's Help Build A Better World in my other blog. But there's still a time for you, guys to vote your top 6 choices. Since this is a global campaign, all the answers will be collated by the United Nations My World Team and then the projects will commence on 2015.

Now, why 2015? Not 2013, not 2014?
It is because the programs that the United Nations have been doing for more than 10 years is about to wrap up. It doesn't mean that they will stop at that but there's going to be a "new" direction of previous programs plus the "new" programs.

This I learned (and much more) from being invited to the United Nations Philippines HQ last week where I, along with other bloggers and media personalities and media partners were given a tour around the office (UNDP and UNICEF Departments) and got our brains picked for the My World 2015 Campaign.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mabuhay, Viva Manilena !!!

This blog is about the people, travel, adventures, books, art & culture, food, the sights, the sounds, happenings, and all there is to know about Manila (and the whole archipelago). 

I love Manila, I love the Philippines!  

From the history book:   Manila, My Manila by Nick Joaquin

1. On May 19, 1571, Governor Miguel Lopez de Legazpi occupied Manila in the name of the king of Spain.

2. On June 3, 1571, Legazpi formally gave Manila the title of city and proclaimed it the capital of the New Kingdom of Castile.

3. And on June 24, 1571, a municipal government was established in Manila.

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