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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Sun Life's - Life, Health, and Wealth

Most Filipinos are tend to be conventional when it comes to managing their finances and that most of the savings are intended or meant for emergency funds. A nationwide study commissioned by Sun Life Financial Philippines (Sun Life) shows that having emergency funds are the top reason why people save; while next on the list is saving for the future; and lastly, saving for retirement.

"Life, health, and wealth are the essentials of a brighter future, but one can only achieve them if they save and invest for the future," said Mylene Lopa, Chief Marketing Officer of Sun Life. "This is possible with the right partner, tools, and products, and these are what we would like to highlight this Financial Independence Month."

Theme for June's Financial Independence Month campaign centers on- 'Life, Health, and Wealth.'

Sun Life launched the Life Insurance Calculator, an tool that will help one assess how much life insurance he should invest based on his needs. What's nice about the Life Insurance Calculator is that you don't need to speak to an agent because you can do it yourself.

Another latest initiative is Sun Life's team-up with Waze to promote road safety, "Brighter Drive, Brighter Life." This is available via Lazada (Life Armor) for as low as Php 100..00.

"Health and wealth" always go side-by-side. Under "Health," Sun Life teams-up with Fitness First and has lots of additional benefits for members of GoWell, Sun Life's wellness community. It offers special rates for Sun Life clients, advisors, and employees.

Sun Life also offers "Wealth," solutions to those with wealth goals. An Investment Calculator is available only so that one can see how much earnings you will get in a specific time-frame. Also available are the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds from Sun Life Asset Management Inc., and Sun Life Prosperity Card.

There is also the Sun Future Planner which is a specially created planner so that one can keep tab on their life, health, and wealth goals. You can avail of this via a Sun Life advisor.

Sun Life has inked the partnership with Waze and Fitness First during their last week's event at Shangri-La Makati.

"We hope that Filipinos would utilize these solutions to create a more holistic and hardworking financial plan and serve more of his and his family's needs," added Lopa. "By saving, investing, and being more proactive in this pursuit, there is no doubt that they can look forward to a brighter future, and we aspire to be their partner for life in their journey towards financial freedom."


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