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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Summer Spells F-U-N

There are a thousand ways to spend summer especially for a teenager but nothing is more f-u-n than going swimming. Ands eversince Isabel turned 13, she has been more independent in packing her own things. So here are the stuff inside her bag:

above photo taken using Lenovo S960

Tokidoki Creator Simone Legno Live In Manila

What's a Tokidoki?

Tokidoki refers to the cute characters made by Simone Legno. And there are about a hundred characters of Tokidoki and some of the popular ones are SANDy, Adios, Stellina (Unicorno), and Donutella. These whimsical, fantastical, kawaii Tokidoki characters all propped up from the magical mind of Simone Legno.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

TRAVEL: Strawberry Farms of La Trinidad

A trip to Baguio is not complete without visiting the strawberry farms of La Trinidad. Through the years, I've witnessed the changing landscape from the outskirts of Baguio up to La Trinidad and the farm itself. As kids, I remember being more excited about the prospect of harvesting my own strawberries than riding the horses. And even now as an adult, the excitement is still there.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TRAVEL: Post-Graduation Baguio Escapade Day 2

Our Day 2 at Azalea Residences' Family Fun Tour began with an early morning breakfast at Tradisyon, the hotel restaurant. Here we got to mingle again with the other bloggers and their families. Call time to hop the van was at 9am and then were all happily on our way to Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary in Camp Sioco, Baguio City.

That's the map of the different areas that you'll get to see once inside the eco-sanctuary. Its best to wear comfortable clothing, comfortable and not slippery footwear, hat, and bring water because its a long hike that goes up, down and sideways.

Monday, April 14, 2014

PowerEdge R920 by Dell

Dell PowerEdge R920 is the latest high performing server from Dell which allows customers to deliver faster results, quickly adapt to changing business needs, and improve overall reliability.

The PowerEdge R920 is a 4-socket built on Intel's new E7 processors and can handle demanding and mission critical workloads like ERP or enterprise resource planning, CRM or customer relationship management, e-commerce, and very large databases that includes in-memory databases.

IT Trends in 2014

Five Trends that will Shape IT Decisions in 2014
- Christopher Papa, Country Manager, Dell Philippines

What’s the next big IT trend? This question is often asked in meetings with business leaders and CIOs. Customers want to know how they can leverage these trends, as well as how they can address any challenges. These trends, including the explosion of data, cloud computing and the multitude of personal devices on the corporate network, are fast changing the way organizations traditionally manage their business. The challenges and opportunities are more apparent than ever before, and look set to drive IT and business decisions in the coming year.

At Dell, we are uniquely positioned to help customers address any challenges and deliver real value to businesses with our end-to-end IT solutions and services. Through four key themes, Transform, Connect, Inform and Protect, we hope to help customers improve their IT agility through transformation in the data center; increase productivity by enabling the next generation workforce to connect securely to the corporate data anywhere, anytime and on any device; gain control of the data deluge and use this information to gain competitive advantage; and protect their organization from external or internal IT security threats. These themes will become even more relevant in 2014 as we encounter further impact from cloud computing, BYOD, social media, big data analytics and security.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Azalea Residences

If you're planning to go to Baguio City and is looking for a nice place to stay that is neither far nor too near to the heart of the city, then the best place for you is Azalea Residences. We visit Baguio maybe 2-3x a year but this is the first time that we've stayed at Azalea Residences and I want to share our wonderful experience when my family (along with 4 other bloggers and their families) was invited to spend 4D/3N at Azalea Residences.

Actually, we do know where Azalea Residences is but since the hotel is not visible from the main road (Leonard Wood Road), only the signage to Azalea is- we (me, hubby and Isabel) were awestruck when our taxi dropped us off at the entrance. So this is what Azalea Residences looks like up close. We already know what it looks like from behind since we always camped at a friend's house in nearby Brentwood and our window faces the hotel (well, the topmost part that is).

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pinoy Pride in Action: Watch Pacquiao VS Bradley Live in Solaire

Aptly titled- Vindication, this much anticipated rematch between Pacquiao and Bradley in the arena will gather in boxing enthusiast from around the globe. This is happening on April 13, 2014 at 9am.

And even if you can't be with them at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Solaire Resorts made sure that you won't feel left behind as they transform the Solaire Grand Ballroom into an arena with actual ring set-up, hi-def stadium screens, live commentators, live ring girls, live barker, and free-flowing food and drinks.

You may get your tickets at the Solaire Concierge- 888.8888

Miss Philippines Earth Candidates 2014: The Green Advocates

Last week, the candidates of Miss Philippines Earth 2014 was presented at the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City to show that they are not just beautiful faces but they are talented and intelligent as well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Puerto Del Sol: A Hidden Gem In Bolinao Part 2

Puerto Del Sol during the morning is just as breathtaking as when we arrived in the afternoon of the previous day. What makes it special in the morning though is the solitude and relaxing peace that one seem to experience upon meditation. It was around 8am and we just had breakfast buffet and I guess most of the guests went back to their own beds except us. Read more about our dining experience at Puerto del Sol here.

A Secret Garden

... called Mother's Garden and Cafe. This cafe sits in the "hilly" district of Quezon Hill in Baguio City. I've been to Baguio a lot and I thought that I've seen it all, heard it all and tasted it all but I guess I was wrong. There's always a "new" place to discover and waiting to be discovered whenever I go to Baguio.

From the outside, the place looks like just any other garden cafes so be ready for a visual feast.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Allison Harvard and Phil Younghusband Beat The Summer Heat With Sprinto

Last March 24, Sprinto introduces its new eyewear ambassadors Allison Harvard of America's Top Model and Phil Younghusband, world class athlete because they embody stylish athleticism and icon in fashion respectively.

"It's great to be part of Sprinto family," said Phil Younghusband. "Their styles definitely stand out and I can't wait to try all their new styles."

Friday, April 4, 2014

TV SHOW: Dis Is Pinas

This TV Program is not just about travel and beautiful places in the Philippines. It is also a culture and history tour as Kiko Rustia goes backpacking in the north for the pilot episode of Dis Is Pinas today from 1130am-12nn on GMA NewsTV.

Adding a new "twist" instead of the usual travelogue, Kiko will treat this program as his journal wherein
he will give his unbiased views on the place he visited and some of the locals he will interview can also air their grievances.

Happy Graduation !!!

March 30, 2014

March has been a very busy month for us especially for my daughter. Aside from taking her final exams, there's the Graduation Rites and numerous get-togethers with her classmates/ batchmates to celebrate the transition from being a sixth grader to being a seventh grader this coming school year.

"I felt excited on my graduation day because it was the day I finally completed all the requirements for the elementary department. It took me six long years to finish elementary grade, but I look forward to learn more and have fun in high school." - Isabel

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

TRAVEL: Post-Graduation Baguio Escapade Day 1

Isabel recently graduated from grade 6 and two days after, we found ourselves enroute to Baguio City via Victory Liner's Deluxe Bus. This is a Family Fun tour and we'll be joining four other families in Baguio. Travel from Manila is approximately 6 hours (including 3 stops) but since we took the 3am bus, we just snored from NLEX to Baguio- no kidding.

We landed at the bus station a few minutes past 9am and then hailed a cab up to Session Road because we planned to eat breakfast at Jim's Retro Diner. Alas, the place was still closed when we arrived so we thought we'll be eating at Tea House (hubby's favorite) but ended up at Point Grill which is just a few steps away from the diner.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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