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Monday, December 21, 2020

#PanataNgPamilya A Healthy Life Amidst Pandemic

According to research studies, there's a growing number of Filipinos who suffer from hypertension and this range from all-ages. For most of us, this is unbelievable since it is ingrained in our minds that only "old" people suffer from this malady. But things have drastically change for the past couple of decades when medical facilities have been more accessible and the increasing popularity of annual check-ups.

XTREME Appliances Launches the X-Series Line

2020 is a huge turning point in the retail industry. The decline of physical stores and the 
simultaneous growth of e-commerce in the past months have significantly influenced the global 
economy, according to the recent report of New York Times. This New Normal has altered the 
purchasing behaviours of many shoppers and one of the major implications is the shift on priorities. A lot of people now are spending towards functional and necessary items like food, wellness 
products, and of course, appliances. To answer the said demand, XTREME Appliances is releasing a premium quality and online-exclusive roster called the “X-Series”. The appliances under this new 
line were carefully selected to give comfort and efficiency to the consumers at its affordable price.

DTI's National Trade Fair Digital Mall

In lieu of the usual National Trade Fair (NTF) organized annually, the Department of Trade and Industry - Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion (DTI-BDTP) is launching the NTF Digital Mall. This is in 
response to the unprecedented challenges faced by micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) 
during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has adversely impacted their operations.

Christmas at Wonderful World of Globe

Christmas is fast approaching and yet, the realities of celebrating the holidays with a pandemic can be difficult for most Filipino families today. Despite this, the desire to enjoy our usual holiday activities and observe cherished local traditions remain strong in many of us. After all, the true spirit of Christmas is about hope, joy, and the eternal anticipation of good tidings. 


Uplifting the lives of Filipinos and rekindling Christmas cheer in everyone's hearts underscore this year's Wonderful World of Globe (WWG).  “Our aim is to recreate the Christmas we all love. We take to heart our role in renewing the spirit of connectedness within the Filipino family especially at a time when most of us stay within the confines of our homes.  It is also a great opportunity for each of us to do more for others and continue spreading cheer to everyone we can reach,” said Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.


As quick, easy and flexible internet access became the new essential, this year's WWG is the perfect time to launch the revolutionary product offer of Globe. Surf4ALL is a first-of-its-kind, fully convergent data offer that knows no boundaries across Globe brands.  This promo gives you high GBs for all sites and a shareable GB allocation that is seamlessly accessible to up to 4 users or devices. Now, you can share data with Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid, Globe Platinum, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, and even TM. 


Available through the GlobeOne app, Surf4ALL has 2 promos - Surf4ALL99, which gives you 9GB of shareable data, and Surf4ALL249, with 20GB shared access (15GB + 5GB limited-time bonus data). Both offers are valid for 7 days.  It's the only data product of its kind in the Philippines today to ensure no one is left behind when it comes to connectivity.  This is the true universal data offer for all Globe customers which makes it possible to be constantly connected regardless of brand, device, and location.


The combination of Globe’s ever-improving network and the innovative Surf4ALL product gives Filipinos the ability to really make the holidays richer and better, by giving them access to daily essentials and services they will find both useful and enjoyable throughout the season.  

As online shopping continues to surge in popularity, 917Ventures, the largest corporate incubator in the Philippines, partnered with Puregold to create PureGo, an online grocery shopping platform that delivers groceries at one’s doorstep with a next day delivery promise, using multiple payment options including GCash.


Recreate Togetherness  


Enjoying various content such as video, music, games, and sports can enhance family bonding so Globe partnered with Riot for special data offers for League of Legends: Wild Rift the mobile version of the highly-popular League of Legends. 


And, with the continuous expansion of Globe’s 5G service, more exciting forms of innovation can be expected for Globe customers. One of which is coming from the partnership of Globe with Niantic. As the first Southeast Asian telco member of the Niantic Planet-Scale AR Alliance, Globe will drive bigger and better immersive gaming experiences powered by Niantic’s advanced AR real-world platform that will push the boundaries of what can be experienced in a Niantic game with 5G technology. Niantic is an AR company, inspiring people to explore the world together.


Another interesting 5G-enabled service that brings entertainment to a whole new level is from Globe’s official partnership with YouTube VR. This will enable users to watch and explore VR content in-app through the affordable yet effective Globe VR cardboard. This further enhances the customers' online entertainment experience and online learning at home.


Through a new partnership with HBO GO, Globe offers a raft of award-winning entertainment to the digital Filipino. With HBO GO, Globe customers can watch thousands of hours of shows and movies any time anywhere using their connected device. Filipinos can stream or download HBO Originals, HBO Asia Originals, Korean and Chinese dramas, Hollywood blockbusters, hundreds of hours of kids and family content and more, including Sam Mendes’ war film 1917, Spider-Man: Far From Home starring Tom Holland, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy and Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears: The Movie.


Globe also joined hands with Kumu, a Pinoy-centered live streaming platform, which is home of local and global user-generated Pinoy lifestyle content, and digital content partners like GKNB (Game Ka Na Ba?), a gamified FYE (For Your Entertainment) focused on celebrity streams, talk shows, variety content and MYXPH for music. Kumu will also be adding game streaming channels into their mix as part of their offerings on the platform. 


Recreate Gift-Giving


What is Christmas without presents?  Gift-giving is a tradition that goes back to the wise men that visited the nativity.  And while everyone loves presents from family and friends, some of the best gifts come when people share their blessings with those they may not know well but who need help.  


To help vulnerable communities during the pandemic, Globe Platinum has partnered with World Vision to create the #ForFutureHeroes program. It consists of virtual experiences in collaboration with BGC Arts Center, Electric Studio, and others that allow Globe Platinum customers to pursue their passions at home while making an impact on others. Participation in every activity is matched by Globe Platinum with World Vision school kits filled with DepEd approved learning modules and supplies, so the children of Baseco Compound, Manila can continue their education.


On top of this, Globe Platinum customers have been delighting frontliners, who have worked so tirelessly to keep Filipinos safe all these months, through the Thank-A-Hero program. Apart from sending them treats from Auntie Anne’s, Coco, The Cookie Bar, and JCo Donuts,  Globe Platinum is also preparing a Noche Buena feast for our frontliners, to thank those who will be hard at work all throughout Christmas Eve, keeping Filipinos safe.


Recognizing the pressing demand of educators for a fast, reliable, and affordable internet connection, Globe At Home initiated WiFi2Teach which supports the DepEd’s Distance Learning program through the donation of Globe Prepaid WiFi modems. Modems have been donated to the DepEd to equip selected public school teachers and ensure that education remains unhampered. The program continues as it now works towards raising funds to provide free WiFi modems for public school students. In partnership with Ayala Foundation, for every Globe At Home Prepaid Wifi sold, P100 will be donated to help fund internet connectivity of selected public school students at home. 


To give small and medium enterprises the much-needed boost, Globe myBusiness' Gift Local campaign encourages everyone to patronize local products for their Christmas gift-giving.  


GCash brings to life our beloved Christmas traditions with ChristMAS KAYA with GCASH, where celebrations and gift giving are made possible thru innovations like GCash Send Aguinaldo, enabling users to send digital gift envelopes as aguinaldos to their inaanaks and pamangkins, and even gifting insurance thru the app's GInsure service. In the same spirit of giving and bayanihan, our customers may also donate to typhoon victims using GCash and their Globe Rewards points. 


GLife, the newest GCash app feature, likewise, provides more gift and handaan options across different brands and e-commerce platforms, ranging from Lazada, Puregold, DataBlitz, Purego, Boozy, Goldilocks, Goama Games, and more.


It is indeed ‘Merry GCash!’ this Christmas, as GCash is also giving up to 30 million pesos worth of prizes just by using the app. Leading up to a few days to Christmas, consumers can get gifts just by buying load, or using GCredit to pay when they shop on their favorite online platforms. They will also get a chance to win a gift of their choice in the grand raffle. 


Recreate Local Traditions


In the past, many Filipino families would look forward to the well-loved tradition on Christmas Day of watching the annual Metro Manila Film Festival which showcases local filmmakers and artists.  This year, Globe and GMovies has partnered with the MMFF and UPSTREAM to recreate the MMFF tradition and bring this year’s nominated films online to Filipino homes around the nation and all over the world. 


WWG also banners Filipino talents supported by Globe, celebrating the athletic achievements of such stars as 12-time 8-division boxing world champion and global icon Manny Pacquiao, Tennis child prodigy and Australian Open doubles champion Alex Eala, PH rep to FIBA 3X3 World Tour, Manila Chooks TM Team, ONE Championship’s martial arts stable Team Lakay. Globe also supports a roster of amazing local music artists and local greats with tremendous fan bases like December Avenue, Ben&Ben, SB19, The Juans, and Donnalyn Bartolome.


“We are looking forward to these exciting events that Globe has lined up for year-end and for 2021. Our commitment to our customers remains as we usher in a digital Philippines in the near future. Thank you for the support and for being with us in this journey.” said Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Chairman of Globe. 


Globe believes that with the people’s collective energy and ingenuity, everyone can still make wonderful memories this Christmas and help see them through a new and better normal.


Globe is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and has committed to implement sustainability principles hinged on four pillars including One Digital Nation, Care for the Environment, Care for People and Positive Societal Impact. Globe is actively supporting 10 UN Sustainable Development Goals



Sunday, December 20, 2020

Shoppers Trust For ShopeePay Increased During 12.12

ShopeePay, an integrated mobile wallet that offers users easy access to digital payment services, 
saw more consumers adopt digital payments at the recent Shopee 12.12. It was highlighted by a 50 
times increase in ShopeePay transactions in the first hour of December 12 compared to an average day, as people turned to digital payments for their convenience and ease of use.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Hidden Lives: Violence Against LGBTQ+

Filipinos may think of themselves as progressive thinkers and open to changes but when it comes to LGBTQ+, majority are still silent about it. Maybe we can attribute it to our conventional approach to how we live our life and having a boxed archetype of a man and a woman. 

It has been said that the Filipinos have openly accepted the LGBTQ+, but I don't believe that. In my family alone, I have relatives who belong to the LGBTQ+ community but we are not permitted to talk about it. There are also instances when my nephew was mercilessly teased by his male cousins about being "bakla." Then there's a female cousin who caused scandal by running away with a "tomboy," I think her mom even called in a priest to have her exorcised. Yes, my relatives (especially those in the province are strict Catholics).

Last December 10, Ms. Karen Davila hosted a FamiLigtas that focused on Violence Against LGBTQ+ People in Families and Communities. 

I guess the topic is also timely since we are still in the midst of pandemic and quarantine restrictions. Even without having an LGBTQ+ family member, it is already quite emotionally stressful for most of us since we haven't been going out of our homes since the community lockdown last March. Cases of domestic violence have risen and this is also true with those with LGBTQ+ family member. 

Let us admit, not all of us think the same when it comes to accepting an LGBTQ+, much more if it is a family member. There are instances when parents disagree about a son being a "bakla" or a daughter being a "tomboy." Most often, it is the mother who is openly accepting but when it comes to the father, there's usually a violent approach to make the child conform to what is normal. 

Aside from being criticized, ridiculed, physically abused at home, the LGBTQ+ person is also not safe outside his/her home. There are cases when a group of people will gang-up on a "bakla" or worse case scenario, rape a "tomboy." LGBTQ+ people are really discriminated even in schools and in the workplace. 

About a decade ago, we have an LGBTQ+ messenger in the office. Then she moved back to her province because of her ailing mother. A few months afterwards, she posted on her Facebook her bruised face. It was frightening to know that she was raped inside her own home by neighbors. She deactivated her Facebook after that post who I don't have any idea on what happened afterwards. Did she call in the police and have the neighbors arrested? - are just some of the questions running in my mind.

One of the panelist in FamiLigtas is Mommy Vie who happens to have not just one, but two kids who are LGBTQ+. But is is cool about it, instead of treating her kids are different, she has embraced that imperfection with love because according to her, she can't expect other people to accept her kids are LGBTQ+ if she herself won't do it for them.

"We don't need special rights, you don't need to treat us differently. Just treat us with equal respect."

In line with this FamiLigtas Violence Against LGBTQ+ People in Families and Communities discussion is about the SOGIE Equality Bill which was recently approved by a panel in the Senate of the Philippines. The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression Equality Bill (SOGIE) also known as the Anti-discrimination Bill. 

Senate Bill #1934 was passed by the Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations and Gender Equality which was chaired by Senator Risa Hontiveros. This Bill aims to protect those who belong to the LGBTQ+ from discrimination especially those who are applying for jobs, protection from those who discriminate them in schools and community, etc.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Protect Your Iphone with Otterbox

Apple iPhone® 12 mini, iPhone® 12, iPhone® 12 Pro and iPhone® 12 Pro Max deliver brilliant OLED displays, cutting-edge cameras. OtterBox, the No. 1-selling smartphone case brand in the U.S., keeps 
you connected with people, places and moments that mean the most with fun and functional cases for 
iPhone 12 models. And now with each case purchase, OtterBox will make a donation to a non-profit 
organization in support of elevating young learners.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Dumagats cry foul over false accusations by Masungi Georeserve; seek help to uphold the rule of law

  In a press conference held today, Tribal leaders of the Kaksaan Ne Dumaget De Antipolo, Inc., lambasted the officials of the Masungi Georeserve headed by Benjamin Dumaliang, President of the Blue Star Construction and Development Corp. and operator of Masungi, for accusing them as land grabbers, squatters and illegal loggers who caused the flood in Marikina recently.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Shopee Donates Over 700 Transistor Radios to DepEd

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, has donated 708 transistor radios to the Department of Education to help students in rural areas continue learning despite challenges that the pandemic has posed upon their education.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Why Wait for 12.12? Free Shipping with Amway

It is always exciting to shop online although sometimes, you also get frustrated when the delivery gets delayed especially during sale season. Luckily, there are now many options to buy online and save on shipping fees even without waiting for sale season.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Kitchen-ready For The Holiday Season

Christmas is not cancelled, I repeat ... Christmas is not cancelled! 

The holiday season is going to be a lot different this year but one can't just ignore this beloved family tradition of preparing a feast for Noche Buena and on Christmas Day. Yes, we may skip numerous parties this year as we are still in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic but- Christmas is definitely not cancelled at home!


ASUS Philippines officially announces its newest premium laptop line, featuring up to 4K UHD OLED  NanoEdge touchscreen display, 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Mobile Processor and Intel® Iris® Xe graphics and ASUS’ Exclusive NumberPad 2.0.


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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Shopee's 12.12 Big Christmas Sale

Shopee marked its 5th year by launching its annual 12.12 Big Christmas Sale. Another highlight as Shopee celebrates 5 years in the e-commerce industry is that it vows to focus on: Social, Personalization, and Integration between Brands, SMEs, and consumers. 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Acer's Latest Swift, Spin, and Aspire Notebooks Series

Acer recently introduced its latest series of Swift, Spin, and Aspire notebooks that features 11th Gen Intel Core processors with Intel Iris X graphics. These latest devices come with intuitive features, striking design aesthetics and the latest technology in a thin and light package.

#MomApproved Activities for Busy Moms and Kids

The pandemic has been a life-changing experience for everyone. Lifestyles have change drastically and working from home and distance learning have become part of the new normal. Of course, it is also very challenging for moms to balance parenting and working these day.

If there is anything that the pandemic is teaching us, it is that the love of a mom will never change even if we are in the new normal. Mekeni Picnic Hotdog has put together some of the #MomApproved activities to help you bond with your kids whether it's to play teach, or entertain them in this time of a pandemic.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

AI, Vehicle for Customers to Achieve Aspirations

Data science and artificial intelligence (DSAI) are two tandem-technologies that are now taking over many industries across the globe. AI has brought about many exciting prospects that have ushered more personalized, tailor-fit digital experiences for many of us. This has made many of the things we do in our lives simpler, and more convenient.

As the Union Bank of the Philippines is now in the next phase of its digital transformation journey, the country's leading digital bank has continued to invest in talent, infrastructure, and other resources needed to innovate and co-create using data science and AI, which is led by global data science expert Dr. David Hardoon, PhD., as the bank's Senior Advisor for Data and Artificial Intelligence.

During the 6th installment of UnionBank's- eTalk Tales with Media, Dr. Hardoon discussed how UnionBank is translating data science and artificial intelligence insights into a very individualized way of banking, making sure that everyone is statistically significant and provided the VIP treatment with a wide range of personalized services and solutions.

"DSAI is a key element within UnionBank's digitize or perish journey. It is the differentiator between just "Digitize to survive" vs "Digitize to flourish," said Hardoon.

He also emphasized that AI is a must-have to enable a scalable customer-centric finance of tomorrow, today. The goal is to make finance relevant, specific, and contextual to each individual consumer. His use of AI is not artificial intelligence but augmented intelligence. Reality is that humans are phenomenal  in creativity that machines do not have. Machines may be able to replicate but it cannot originate. This is where augmentation comes in. Data science uses the insights from machines to operationalize and contextualize. It's not a question of 'can we do it' but 'should we do it'.

"AI is the engine of the digital renaissance. It is a vehicle to achieve an aspiration. It is importance to anchor AI on what truly matters- people, whether customers or employees. AI is truly about being human centric first. The purpose is us, primarily as customers, and how do we leverage on the insight and knowledge that can be derived from AI to help shape financial services around us."

Digital transformation is heralded as the game changer for the banking sector in today's reality and in the future. The transformation is rooted on the aspiration of inclusive and resilient financial services, and is about achieving a reality where one's moments of life are not defined around the financial products available, but where financial services and products are created to support the milestones in life.

"The Bank has been introducing and enhancing countless digital touchpoints for customer ease and fluidity of engagement. These touchpoints mean exactly that, that customers engage with the Bank on a more regular basis. It is our responsibility to imagine. Imagine the ability to provide bridging, or intra-day loans without a customer's need to submit hefty financial historical statements," added Hardoon.

UnionBank uses AI to upgrade its existing strategy and accelerate further innovation, an example of which is its use as an additional layer of defense against financial crimes. 

DSAI enables capabilities in understanding customers' needs through their various engagements with the bank and providers and the ability to go beyond a templatized approach to ascertain relevance, sustainability, and affordability. This makes UnionBank, Philippine banking's best in the DSAI field.

Consistent with its commitment to make banking simpler and more inclusive via best-in-class digital and mobile capabilities, UnionBank President and CEO Edwin Bautista believes that leveraging DSAI is a key driver to the next level of its digital transformation as the Bank continues to put the customer- both individuals and corporates, at the heart of its business.

Jollibee's Latest: Ready to Cook Garlic Pepper Marinated Chicken

Jollibee, the country's homegrown favorite has come up with a new and delightful restaurant-quality chicken that you can prepare right at home, the New Jollibee Ready to Cook Garlic Pepper Marinated Chicken.

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