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Friday, March 1, 2024

How AI Affects Job in the Philippine IT-BPM Industry

The IT- Business Process Management industry in the Philippines is currently undergoing change because of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). A dynamic journey of challenges and opportunities is redefining the industry's future. Led by the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), immerse in a fast-paced world where the IT-BPM sector challenges norms and finds the delicate balance between innovation and tradition in the middle of the AI revolution. 

"As the Philippine IT-BPM industry rides the GenAI wave, the nation is uniquely positioned to seize opportunities. With support from the government, industry visionaries, and academia IBPAP ensures the industry and workforce are not just prepared for the future- they are shaping it," said Jack Madrid, President and CEO at IBPAP.

Here are five ways on how AI Affects Jobs in the Philippine IT-BPM industry:

1. GenAI: Job Augmentation in PH landscape

In the era of digitalization, the professional landscape is not just evolving; it is celebrating the Filipino workforce. White-collar roles are gearing up for an exciting era of innovation, while blue-collar heroes are adapting to support machine-led tasks. Meet the augmented workforce where AI collaborates with skilled professionals, boosting productivity and business value. In the Philippine IT-BPM sector, GenAI is not just a supporting act, it is the headline, enhancing employee experiences and elevating service quality to new heights. 

2. Job Roles Redesigned: More Thrills, Less Routine

GenAI is not merely adjusting settings, it is pushing boundaries in the Philippine context. From low- to mid-complexity services in 2016, there has been a swift transition to mid-to high-complexity services by 2023. Analytics, cloud services, platform products, and advanced technologies are not just buzzwords; they are reshaping our talent profile and propelling growth in the Philippine IT-BPM industry.

3. Upskilling Revolution: Get Ready for the Shift

It's not just about technical skills anymore; it's a full-scale revolution. Delving into AI applications, mastering data handling, and sharpening emotional intelligence and creativity skills are becoming the norm. IBPAP recognizes the urgency and has spearheaded an upskilling uprising: executive training, technical courses, and practical GenAI applications.

4. IBPAP's Strategic Alliances: Empowering the IT-BPM Vanguard

IBPAP is not merely following rules, it is rewriting the script and partnering with education trailblazers and talent development innovators. Tie-ups with CHED, StackTrek, Lumify WorkPH, and the DTI-Board of Investments are not just partnerships; they are dynamic collaborations revolutionizing education and training programs. These ensure our workforce is not just prepared but armed to excel in industry demands. Executive training, technical skill development, and certifications- this is the toolkit for a future-ready Philippine workforce.

5. GenAI Advancement: Crafting Roadmap 2028 for the Future

IBPAP, in collaboration with research powerhouse Everest Group, is refreshing the industry roadmap and introducing an ambitious version for 2028. The AI landscape is a battleground, demanding a strategic update to align goals with the ever-evolving realities of the Philippine IT-BPM sector. With determined focus on upskilling and re-skilling, IBPAP charges forward to achieve targets for job creation and revenue by 2025. 

"The road ahead is no joyride, but the promise of a thriving IT-BPM sector in the Philippines, navigating the GenAI wave, isn't just exciting; it's a journey filled with potential. Join us in this adventure, where innovation and tradition coexist harmoniously in the real of GenAI," added Madrid.


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