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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Beauché's Trio of Products for Summer

Get an extra dose of confidence this summer with Beauché's Trio of Products. These bundle of skincare and feminine hygiene products will provide women with protection, radiance and confidence all summer and beyond.

Beauché Summer Buddies, the product trio created by the fully-Filipino owned skin management company, is designed to address all the potential problems that can come up during summer. Che Toribio De Los Reyes, founder of Beauché, helped in curating this product trio that is formulated to suit Asian skin. 

Beauché Ultimate Sunscreen Protection (SPF50), is lightweight and doesn't have any whitecast, and non-greasy sunscreen. It has a silky finish that provides high SPF50 PA+++ broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection against skin aging and burning. It is packaged it a handy container that can easily fit in a small bag or pocket. This sunscreen is also suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin because it has tea tree oil that helps improve skin texture and won't clog pores. 

Another potential summer problem that women can get is yeast and bacterial infections. To address this, there's Beauché Fem Care Revitalizing Intimate Wash. This revitalizing feminine wash keeps the microbiome balanced as it provides gentle, intimate cleansing and protection during periods and in-between. It has a probiotic Sakura extract that creates an environment for healthy bacteria to grow. Its naturally balanced pH formula makes it safe to use daily and as needed. 

Then there's Beauché Serum Deodorant, a whitening Anti-Perspirant that provides 24-hr maximum protection from underarm sweat and odor. It contains Alpaflor Gigawhite CB, a natural brightener produced from a combination of extracts from seven unique Swiss alpine plants that also reduces skin discoloration, brightens underarms and provides an even skin tone. The unique formula is easily absorbed and leaves underarms feeling dry with up to 24-hour protection 

"Serum Deodorant is the modern, reliable and safe way to neutralize odor without interfering with the body's natural sweat production or the skin's natural acid barrier," said Kaye Toribio-Danganan, COO of Beauché International. "We've always looked at summer as a special time when women feel more self conscious because of health, freshness and confidence concerns. These three things- looking good, feeling good and smelling good- are especially important during summer. This is why we created Summer Buddies, so we can provide women with widely available, affordable solutions for sun protection, freshness and feminine care."

Beauché Summer Buddies and other Beauché skin care and beauty care products are available at Beauché stores and kiosks in malls and online sites like Shopee, TikTok, and Lazada. Beauché products are sold locally and internationally. 


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