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Thursday, March 7, 2024

GCash x Axie Infinity for that Enhanced Gaming Experience

GCash continues to innovate and expand its cashless ecosystem by partnering with Axie Infinity, the number one Web3 title, to improve the on-chain gaming community experience by opening a direct on-ramp and off-ramp portal in the app's GCrypto feature. 

Thru this partnership, the Filipino Web3 gaming community can safely transfer their crytocurrency from the Axie ecosystem to GCrypto. They can also easily convert these in-game currencies into flat money or Philippine pesos all within the same app. Users can also use GCrypto as a conversion portal for the other games in Sky Mavis' Ronin ecosystem including Pixels. 

It also ensures compliance with the most rigorous industry governance practices and implements new measures to make the user experience even safer and more secure. 

"This collaboration is another step ahead in our mission to transform the potential of blockchain technology and to democratize it even more, going beyond the purchase, sale, and maintenance of cryptocurrencies in the GCash app. By working together with Axie Infinity and its Ronin ecosystem, we will continue to achieve our mission to remove the financial and technical barriers of crypto gaming while putting our user's safety as a top priority," said Luis Buenaventura, Head of GCrypto.

Filipinos have dominated Axie's users base, comprising up to 50% of the total users. Similarly, Pixel's Filipino user base has also seen an increase, making the Philippines the largest geography for the game which has over 170,000 daily active users. 

Aside from these games, Ronin also has Katana DEX, a decentralized exchange for trading of in-game tokens (AXS and SLP) directly on the blockchain that is currently used by Axie, Pixels, and other games on the network. Recently, Sky Mavis relaunched Axie Infinity Classic and launched its merch store to introduce more people to Axie Infinity and onboard a new generation to Web3.

"The Philippines is the beating heart of Web3 gaming. GCash has over 80 million installs in PH and we're ecstatic to bring economic freedom to this massive community. This partnership will make it even easier to onboard everyday people to our movement," said Jeff Zirlin, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Sky Mavis.


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