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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Tips to Make Hassle-Free Long Weekend Road Trips

Everyone deserved a well-deserved break and many Filipinos are gearing up for it. Road trips are a popular choice especially to beach destinations.

Here are tips on how to ensure your road trip is hassle-free:

1. Plan your route. Make sure that you keep yourself updated with news about road closures, maintenance or construction. Use navigational apps and try to leave early so as to avoid traffic.

2. Check your car. Ensure that tires are in good shape for the road trip, there's plenty of gas, battery and mechanical works are properly working. Inspect your car before the trip to ensure everyone's safety.

3. Pack essentials. Long drives call for ample snacks to keep hunger at bay, and a steady water supply to prevent dehydration. Bring essential medications and a first aid kit for any untoward incidents. 

4. Go cashless. Long lines at ATMs during holidays are inevitable. Embrace hassle-free travel by going cashless. Opt to pay through bank transfers, QR codes and the like.

5. Use Easytrip and Autosweep RFIDs. Streamline your tollway transactions with RFID payments. By eliminating the need for cash transactions, drivers can breeze through tollways, avoiding long lines and unnecessary delays. 

For a stress-free road trip during long weekends, effortlessly set up a PSBank account by simply downloading their mobile app. Enjoy cashless transactions through QR codes, and instantly reload your Easytrip and Autosweep RFIDs with PSBank.


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