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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Globe Encourages Customers to Buy Load from Digital Channels

Globe is shifting its prepaid load top-ups and load selling via digital channels instead of the popular callcards. This is in line with the company's commitment to sustainable business practices. 

Globe Prepaid users, TM and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi may load via the following channels:

- GlobeOne App
- GCash
- Globe Website 

"These digital alternatives make loading up easy and convenient and align with our continuing effort to embed sustainability in our operations. We encourage our customers to embrace this digital shift and join us in this digitization journey," said Eric Tanbauco, VP of Mobile Prepaid Business at Globe. 

Load top-ups via electronic reloading in sari-sari stores, convenience stores and malls will remain available.

Retailers with remaining prepaid load cards may continue to sell while supplies last. Customers may still avail of these prepaid load cards and use them until the expiration date indicated. 

Guide on how you can load up:

1. GlobeOne App

GlobeOne app allows customers to track their load and data, pay bills, reload, subscribe to promos and more. 

Step 1: Log-in to GlobeOne app and click on the “Buy Load.”

Step 2: Choose an account or type a mobile number.

Step 3: Enter your desired load amount, then tap “Buy Load.”

Step 4: Choose your preferred payment method and pay.


2. Online Loading via Globe’s website

Step 1: Go to the loading page (

Step 2: Enter your Prepaid mobile number.

Step 3: Choose an amount or Prepaid promo to load.

Step 4: Click “Next” and choose your mode of payment (gcash or debit/credit cards)


3. Via GCash

Through GCash, customers can buy load for its own number or send load to others.

        Step 1: Download the GCash app from Google Play or App Store.

        Step 2: Open GCash and select “Load.”

        Step 3: Input the mobile number and press “Next.”

        Step 4: Select the load amount and press “Buy Now.”

Step 5: Confirm the amount of load and press “Pay” to proceed with your transaction.

Globe will continue to expand and provide more ways to top-up and sell loads digitally within the first quarter of this year. 


To know more about Globe’s mobile offers, visit


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