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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

HOTEL REVIEW: 9 Hours Woman Kanda

Having been to Tokyo more than a couple of times now has it advantage especially when choosing a place to stay for the night or two. In my case, I was scheduled to go to stay at my daughter's place in Kanagawa so I don't really need to stay in Tokyo. However, I do want to rest for a bit after my morning flight, and of course, simply enjoy being in Tokyo.

Since I was traveling alone, I chose to take the Narita airport bus up to Tokyo Station and find a hotel nearby. I chose 9 Hours Woman in Kanda, about 200 meters away from Kanda Station. Reservation was made via Booking App. 

9 Hours Woman Kanda is not the usual bunk bed-type of capsule, you get to sleep in an actual pod. So cool! 

I thought I'd be claustrophobic but I quite liked sleeping in the pod. My pod was at the 7F and I was assigned a top bunk upon check-in. I did request if I can sleep instead on the bottom one and the staff are okay with that, so yey! 

Each pod has a pillow and a comforter. Then there's the knobs for light and cables so that you can charge phone and laptop. Every floor that has sleeping pods has its own toilet and sink. Shower and tiny common area are at the second floor. There's about 10 or more shower cubicles plus one that has a bathtub. 

Each guest has an assigned locker but it's all located at the ground floor. Also, no shoes are allowed in the upper floors. What's nice about 9 Hours Woman is that they'll give you a bag with bath towels, pajama set, slippers, toothbrush, and even earplugs. And they provide a new set every day. I did bring my own sleeping clothes and towel so I just used the toothbrush and slippers. 

I'd like note though that they do require every one to leave by 10AM and come back by 2PM if you're staying for 2 nights or more. This is because they clean and sanitize the hotel from top to bottom, even the pods. Also, most (if not all) of my companions there are working in offices or shops in Tokyo and just need a place to sleep and is notfar from their workplace. 

To sum it up, I like my stay at 9 Hours Woman Kanda because:

- it is located near Kanda Station
- pods are very clean and comfortable
- the whole hotel itself is clean
- even if they're just a capsule hotel, they provided towels, toothbrushes, and slippers
- there are several konbinis, cafes, restaurants nearby
- price is very reasonable especially if you made advance booking
- wifi is fast

- staff are not that good in English but they are friendly

9 Hours Woman Kanda
2 Chome-9-4 Kajicho
Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0044

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