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Thursday, June 1, 2023

TRAVEL: 7 Things To Do In Tokyo

Tokyo is a popular destination choice when one think of Japan. So, why Tokyo? Being the capital of Japan, Tokyo has a lot to offer- not just in terms of food and shopping, and more shopping. There's also a lot of scenic places such as the parks temples, old neighborhood, posh neighborhood, efficient train system, quirky cafes, Michelin star restaurants, and much, much more. And now that air-travel is in full-swing, every one just needs to go and fly to Tokyo. 

For the seasoned traveler, byahera, lakwachera, or whatever you call yourself, you must be on the lookout for new things to do in Tokyo aside from the usual Hachiko, Shibuya Crossing, Senso-ji Temple, Ameyoko Shopping Street, Don Quijote, et al. 

Sharing here my 7 Things To Do In Tokyo if you are excited for something not mainstream. 

1. I know you can't resist not going to Shibuya Crossing and have your picture taken with Hachiko. But there's also the Shibuya Hikarie Viewing Deck. Hikarie has a lot to offer such as cafes and shops, and it even has a theatre. But not only that, it has a FREE viewing deck that offers a nice view of Tokyo skyline. 

2. If you've been to a cat cafe, then your next stop should be at the Owl Cafe in Shibuya. Time at the Owl Cafe is limited to an hour though but that is just enough to 'bond' with the owls. Hoot, hoot! You need to book a ticket in advance though (via Klook). Ticket costs ¥2000. 

3. And if you're hungry and happen to be in Ueno because you want to shop at Ameyoko Shopping Street, Tonkatsu Yamabe is just within that area. Super good and not oily tonkatsu. Costs ¥1000 + for set meal. They only accept cash here, and there's usually a line so come early or not too hungry. 

4. For the car enthusiast, Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama is perfect for you. Aside from sedan models, there's also race cars on display. There's also an indoor cafe. 

5. Android user or not, a visit to Galaxy Harajuku is a must. This experiential store has a lot of surprises in-store for everyone. Not to mention that it is very instagrammable! Plus points for BTW fans. It also has a floor dedicated to TeamLab collab and it's free! And who knows, after your visit you're likely to come out with a new Samsung phone. ;)

6. Mametora Aoyama is a hidden gem in Shibuya. This tiny coffeeshop serves the best coffee! The shop also sells different kinds of beans from all over the world. And they have coffee ice-cream with matcha cookies. So good! More coffee recos here ---> Tokyo Coffee Crawl Part 1 

7. And last but not the least, a quick stroll at the Turkish Market at Shin-Okubo District offers a totally different vibe. You'll even think that you're somewhere in the Mediterranean. Haha, what happened to Tokyo? :D 

Btw, except for Tonkatsu Yamabe Ueno, the places on my list are just in the same area and walkable distance. 

Are you excited to travel to Tokyo? There's really so much things to do and places to see in Tokyo. Stay tuned for my next 7 Things To Do In Tokyo.

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