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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Esguerra Farms Kurobuta Tour

Located in the idyllic part of Lipa, Batangas is Esguerra Farms. Widely recognized for being a stud farm that raises top bred horses, Esguerra Farms is now making itself known as the Philippine 'Kurobuta' producer in the country. 

Along with a group of online media creators, we travelled from Manila to Esguerra Farms on a weekend, having received an invitation from Mr. Herminio Esguerra himself. Sir 'Hermie' as what his staff fondly calls Mr. Esguerra, gave as a warm welcome. He mentioned that his years of practice as a hands-on breeder of horses, made him decide to expanded his farm to accommodate and raise purebred Berkshire pigs that he imported from The United Kingdom. He joined us on the coaster as we went around the farm. 

Berkshire pigs are black pigs favored by the Japanese when they serve the famed 'Kurobuta' pork on their menu. 'Kurobuta' in Japanese means 'black pigs.' It is not surprising because aside from being tender, the 'meat' from Berkshire pigs are also prone to marbling. And because of its having top-notch quality, 'Kurobuta' is dubbed as the 'Wagyu' of pork.

With over a thousand Berkshire pigs, Sir Hermie makes sure that the pigs are raised properly, fed properly, and well-taken cared of. Really, the piggies are pampered at Esguerra Farms. 

The area in which the Berkshire pigs are raised are not the typical hog-facility that you imagine, and won't dare visit. At Esguerra Farms, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Even the air smells fresh! No kidding.

The Berkshire pigs are kept in well-maintained pens, they are regularly brought outside to roam freely and enjoy the sun, and even listen to soothing music! A real stress-free environment for the piggies. Of course, the Berkshire pigs are also fed with organic edibles, thus making the meat and by products chemical-free and healthy for consumption.

Esguerra Farms also have their own meat processing and packing plant to make sure that the quality of the Kurobuta meat and other by products maintains top quality. 

I'd also like to note that Esguerra Farms has a very strict sanitation policy. Antigen-tests are conducted prior to entering the farm. This is to ensure that no germs and viruses will harm the animals and plants. 

From horses to Berkshire pigs, Esguerra Farms now also has livestocks such as goats and sheeps. There's also chickens, Peking ducks, and even a pond for tilapia and hito. There are also a lot of fruit bearing trees like avocados, mangoes, and mangosteen, and plots of vegetables. 

With the farm's huge acreage, Sir Hermie has also plans to set up a space for events in the near future. Its proximity to nearby Mt. Malarayat and the ridges that includes Mt. Malepunyo, Mt. Bagwis et al makes a nice backdrop for special celebrations. 

Moving on to the exciting part of the tour- the feast! And I have to mention that all the food that was served to us came from the farm.

We feasted on cochinillo, porchetta, rack of lamb, cold-cuts, roasted Peking duck, copa steak, pork salpicao, barbecue, and grilled tilapia. There's also salad greens, and fruit salad. It was an all-meat feast (except for the grilled tilapia that was almost untouched. I mean, we came for the 'Kurobuta,' right? And just when we thought that everything's served already and we're all burping, out came a big container with freshly boiled balut. Goodbye waistline! 

And it was a lovely feast. I specially liked the copa steak which was served medium well. It was perfectly seasoned and tasted so fresh and clean on the palate, no hint of tanginess. Meat is firm but tender. Surprisingly, it is also not heavy on the tummy. As for the cochinillo, I think I just went to pig heaven! Hahaha

Thank you Sir Hermie for the lovely welcome and feast. And to Team Esguerra Farms, who tirelessly answered our questions, and prepared the sumptuous feast. It was indeed a weekend to remember.

NB: As of date, Esguerra Farms supplies more than several hotels and restaurants in Metro Manila. Kurobuta pork and cold-cuts are also available in Healthy Options branches. 

Esguerra Kurobuta Pure Berskshire Meat Shop
Herma Building, 94 Scout Rallos
Quezon City
Retail: 0917-8203382
Wholesale: 0917-8524669

Esguerra Farms Pasalubong Center
626 Indian St., Brgy. Dagatan
Lipa City, Batangas

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