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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

TCL AAT Inverter+ Refrigerator

TCL's flagship smart fridge, TCL AAT Inverter+ is equipped with smart functions that keeps your food properly stored and has a health and energy-saving benefit also. 

The TCL AAT Inverter+ Refrigerator has Automatic Anon-releasing Technology (AAT), a special mineral material that is added into the fridge cabinet that has the following advantages: bacteriostatic, purification, antioxidation, and dustproofing. These makes your food 99.9% free from bacteria.

It also has Power Cool & Power Freeze function. Just by pressing a button, the Power Cool increases the cooling rate to chill drinks and food rapidly. Power Freeze, on the other hand, enhance the cooling effect to freeze frozen food and ice. 

The TCL AAT Inverter+ also gives emphasis on taking good care of our planet with its Twin Eco Inverter that provides the perfect cooling environment for food, which not only enables long-lasting freshness but also saves energy and money. The Twin Eco Inverter also provides a steady temperature inside the refrigerator which inhibits the growth of ice, a process known as Total No Frost. Food remains frost-free so there is no need for manual defrost and no danger of food sticking to the walls of the refrigerator or being frozen when placed towards the back. 

TCL's flagship smart fridge is also spacious. You can store the daily food on demand. It's compartment can be customized according to food volume, allowing families to organize groceries inside the refrigerator, and pick up things quickly. What's best about it is that you can stock up on your preferred food inside your fridge, making it convenient for you anytime you want to whip up a dish for your family. 

Of course, aesthetic is not compromised. TCL AAT Inverter+ has that elegant and stylish appearance that will definitely enhance the interiors of your kitchen.


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