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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

TRAVEL: 7 Things To Do In Tokyo Part 2

I'm back at my favorite city and am excited to explore again. I mean, I've been here several times already but there's still so much to discover, explore, and experience. 

7 Things To Do In Tokyo:

1. Tokyo Station Underground Shops. 
I really do love Tokyo Station but apart from its lovely architecture, the cavernous 2-level underground shops are really worth exploring. From food, toys, clothing, home and kitchenware, they have it. Not to mention cafes, konbinis, and even Donki! 

2. Maruzen Bookshop. 
Maruzen is a haven for bibliophiles. From mangas to economic books to popular fiction to Japanese authors. Aside from that, they have an extensive section for pens, pens, and more pens. Not to mention stationeries, notebooks, and other kawaii items. There's also a nice cafe that faces the train tracks so you can watch the trains go by while sipping coffee.

3. Ginza Lion Beerhall.
If you happen to be in Ginza and hungry, must-try restaurant is the Ginza Lion Beerhall. This almost a century-old building is an architectural wonder. Of course, don't be fooled by the 'word' beerhall because even if the place serves beer (it's a beerhall after all), it has a whole range of dishes to choose from. Also, most diners that go here are locals (and handful of tourists) so you're in good hands. Super love the food here, and serving portions are good for sharing even if 'mini' size.

4. Samsung Galaxy x TeamLab.
Now this is fun! Think TeamLab but FREE! This is in Samsung Galaxy in Harajuku. Don't worry, even if you're an Apple user or uses a different Android phone model, they'll still let you in. This Samsung Galaxy TeamLab collab may not be as popular as TeamLab itself but it is still worth visiting. 

5. Guzman Y Gomez Taco, Harajuku.
You won't think you're in Tokyo after having a bite of taco at Guzman Y Gomez Taco. And the burrito tastes equally good! The nachos is just okay, I'd skip that but that's just me. This restaurant is a popular spot among the younger crowd and lines can get crazy especially on weekends. 

6. Stationery shop in Ginza.
This nondescript-looking shop in Ginza has the best postcards, cards, and other paper products for sale. The items here are super nice and not the mass-produced kind. 

7. Eat burgers and milkshake at Wayback Burgers in Omotesando. 
This Newark-grown burger joint has captured that umami-rich food that we so love in Japanese cuisine. A bit expensive than the usual burger joint but they really serve great tasting burgers here. My fave is the Cheesy Single Patty Burger paired with Strawberry Milkshake. 

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