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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

2023 National Food Fair: Go Discover, Taste, Enjoy!

Tradition meets innovation at the 2023 National Food Fair. This year's theme: Go Discovery, Taste, Enjoy! encapsulate the Filipinos penchant for good food, camaraderie, and merriment. 

The event highlights delicacies, fresh produce, coffee, processed food, and much, much more and will be from July 12 to 16, 2023 at the Megatrade Halls 1-3, SM Megamall. Over 250 MSMEs from the country's 17 regions are exhibiting their products onsite at the event venue, and there's also an online food fair happening simultaneously on the Lazada e-commerce platform offering the same products found at the Megatrade Hall. 

Secretary Alfredo Pascual of the Department of Trade and Industry is the keynote speaker at today's opening ceremony. 

Showcasing the fusion of tradition and innovation, special settings, pavilions, and MSME clusters draw attention to developments that elevate traditional Filipino products to meet stringent food industry standards and be competitive in the global market. These are:

- Philippine Coconut Industry Pavilion and Coconut-Based MSME Cluster
- Philippine Food Industry Innovations Lounge
- Philippine Fruits and Nuts Pavilion
- Innovate and Biotech Products Cluster
- Rural Agro-Industrial Partnership for Inclusive Development and Growth Project Pavilion
- Farm Fresh Produce Pavilion
- KAPEtirya or Philippine Coffee Pavilion
- Philippine Island Wine, Beer, and Juice Bar

Aside from the booths, there's also something that will make culinary enthusiasts happy especially with the line-up of daily program activities that has live cooking and food preparation demos, among others.

- The Ultimate Filipino Adobo: Stories Through the Ages book launch and cooking demo by Chef Claude Tayag
- Isang Dekada ng Guevarra's: An Inspiring Story by Chef Laudico Guevarra
- Fiesta Recipes by Chef Boy Logro
- Halal Recipes and lavish feasts during social occasions by Chef Yed Dimaporo & Mustapha Ala, Jr.
- SIMPOL Recipes Using Coconut by Chef Tatung Sarthou
- Culinary Kurobuta Masterpieces by Chef Donatello Montrone 
- Changing the Food Mindset: Slow Food by Chef Jam Melchor
- Plant-based Desserts by Chef Aileen of Studio Plantmaed
- Benefits of a Plant-based Diet by Chef Mylene Dolonius of Studio Plantmaed
- Healthy Daily Recipes by Chef YLYT Frixiah Manaig
- Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts by Chef Eric Gruba
- The Farm at San Benito by Rose Pagcalinawagan
- Philippine Wine Mixology by Bartender Nino Cruz

The culminating highlight of this celebration of the diversity and rich heritage of Filipino food is an interactive cultural presentation of the BARMM Pagana Maguindanao, led by Mustafa Ala and Chef Yed Dimaporo. Pagana is a traditional Maguindanaon celebration that holds great cultural significance in the Maguindanao province of the Philippines. It is a festive event that brings the community together to honor and celebrate important occasions such as weddings, religious holidays, or community milestones. The Pagana celebration is characterized by lively music, colorful costumes, and traditional dances that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Maguindanaon people. The rhythmic beats of the kulintang ensemble, a musical ensemble composed of gongs, set the tone for the festivities, while traditional dances like Singkil and Pangalay mesmerize the audience with their graceful movements. The event also offers a feast of traditional Maguindanaon cuisine, featuring flavorful dishes like Lininggil A Manok, and palapa. Pagana is not only a time of celebration but also an opportunity to strengthen community bonds, pass down cultural traditions to younger generations, and showcase the rich artistic talents of the Maguindanaon people. 

The daily program of activities is open to the public and free of charge. It will also be livestreamed on BDTP social media channels. 


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