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Monday, July 10, 2023

9 Days of Ka-panda Celebrations Honors foodpanda Delivery Partners

foodpanda logistics Philippines organized some treats and rewards to its hardworking Ka-panda delivery partners. The 9-day series of festivities had several activities for all Ka-pandas, including an exclusive fuel discount for as low as P9/L at SeaOil has stations across the country. 

The fuel discount was such a welcome treat for the Ka-panda partners especially during the height of fuel hike last year. foodpanda Logistics established tie-ups with several fuel providers offering exclusive discounts to delivery partners, and assisting them in enrolling in the fuel subsidy program of the national government. Knowing that gas is one of the main expenses of partner riders, foodpanda Logistics Philippines Operations Manager Ruben Mariano shared that they want to banner the 9-peso-liter-fuel discount as one of the highlights of the treats for Ka-pandas.

"We wanted to recognize the efforts of one of our largest stakeholders," said Mariano. 

With the expansion of the Ka-panda delivery fleet, not only riders, but also bikers, e-scooters, and walkers will enjoy special rewards. 

There's also the Double Bamboo Rewards, where delivery partners earned double the Bamboos for every successful delivery. The Bamboo Rewards is a rewards program where Ka-panda delivery partners can earn points in-app for every completed delivery and redeem them later for various items such as vouchers, merchandise, electronics, vehicle accessories, and more. 

"For the 9-day special celebration, Ka-pandas also got to exchange their Bamboos and convert them to cash," added Mariano. "We believe that these items will help them in their daily livelihood. But all year round, we have partnerships with leading motorcycle dealers nationwide to provide accessible and flexible motorcycle loan options as well as exclusive deals on equipment and accessories for their vehicles."

To show appreciation for the hard work of Ka-panda delivery partners, they received an additional P9 for every tip made on the app. Earlier this year, the double tip campaign was launched, where for a day, delivery partners earn twice the amount of tips received from customers on the foodpanda app. 

"We have been investing in incentives they get from accomplishing particular milestones or 'quests,' and by ramping it up during this special occasion, we can be of greater assistance to them. Our Ka-pandas deserve to be celebrated because they are the heroes who deliver our food and groceries every day. They play a vital role in the online food delivery ecosystem"


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