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Friday, July 5, 2019

Sing With MegaSound Smart PRO

People love to sing but Filipinos really, really love to sing and they sing from the heart. Most often than not, you may even have encountered and heard someone belts out a tune just because he/she heard a music playing in the mall or even inside the bus. Yes, that's how much Filipinos love to sing and of course, we all know that we have many talented singers recognized internationally.

With that in mind, MegaSound decided to introduce the MegaSound Smart PRO here in the Philippines. This videoke device has the latest technology when it comes to audio-video product. And not only that, it also boasts of over 18,000 built-in English and OPM songs with up to two years of free song updates. Amazing, right?

Digital Focus Unlimited, the company that brought MegaSound to the country offers three videoke system choices that best suits ones personality.

MegaSound Exodus HDD Smart Professional Videoke has over 18k songs in English and OPM and more than 50k international songs (Korean, Japanese, Spanise, etc). It is also possible to record record songs here so that the users can save it directly on their smartphones or USB. It also has crisp and clear sound without any distortion.

MegaSound Colosseum Wireless Portable Smart Professional Videoke has the same number of songs as Exodus plus two built-in wireless microphones with full remote functions and two extra microphones so that more people can sing together. The more, the merrier!

MegaSound Array SD Smart Professional Videoke is the newest addition to the premium mart videoke machines. Aside from the same features as Exodus and Colosseum, the Array has features where you can synchronize the mobile karaoke via bluetooth technology.

"We are very pleased to welcome the premium MegaSound line to the Digital Focus family and are excited for us Filipinos who are known all over the world for our love of singing, to experience this wonderful new line with the most number of built-in songs to enjoy that allows everyone to simply use a downloadable app on their mobile devices to control the videoke machines- from song choice to microphone and sound control," said Jonathan Fabian, President of Digital Focus Unlimited Inc.

Mr. Sun Bok Kim explains that with the latest technology, MegaSound Smart PRO bring out the best experience, both in audio and video, and of course, every one can enjoy singing from the heart.


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