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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Launched at the Galaxy AI Festival in BGC

Samsung recently unveiled its revolutionary smartphone, the Galaxy S24 Series with its mobile AI features. Samsung also opened the Galaxy AI Pop-Up Store which will be until February 29, 2024.

K-pop Sunmi and local artists Lola Amour, CRWN, Jess Connelly, and Catriona Gray also graced the event and held a mini-concert at the Galaxy AI Festival. 

K-pop siren Sunmi performed her popular hits such as 'Gashina' and 'Siren."

Catriona Gray can't stressed enough her amazement with Galaxy S24 Series. "I've been geeking out about the Galaxy S24 for the past week. Generative AI technology is such as innovation. I was praying that this existed when I was in school because some of the features in the Galaxy S24 are just going to streamline your productivity, your creativity, your gaming experiences when you want some of the leisure time, cause of course, we can't be all work and no play over here!"

The Galaxy S24 Series is great for capturing moments especially with its Nightography features during concerts. "It's the superior concert phone, tried, tested and true- especially the night shots!" added Catriona. "I am a notetaker, through and through and the Notes app on my Samsung is my most go-to app. But the new Samsug Galaxy S24 Series has Notes Assist. So when for example, you've taken a plethora of notes, you've gone and watched a Ted Talk or you're working on a project and you want to put all your thoughts down in one place. The AI feature on the S24 can actually summarize your notes."

Of course, another highlight of the Galaxy AI Festival was when Lola Amour performed- It's Raining in Manila. And it did rain a bit when they were performing that song, how cool is that?! 

Meanwhile, at the Samsung Galaxy AI Pop-Up Store, guests were able to try the latest innovative features of Galaxy S24 Series. 

"We are very excited for Filipinos to experience Galaxy AI. When we launched the Galaxy S24 Series, we were looking forward to seeing our Pinoy users experience this new technology that will definitely usher in a new era of mobile AI and it's great to see how enthusiastic the response to the Galaxy S24 Series has been. To have everyone here celebrate this new technology is definitely great and special," said Min Su Chu, President at Samsung Electronics Philippines.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series is available at Samsung Experience Stores, Authorized Samsung Stores, Lazada, Shopee, and MemoXpress. 


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