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Monday, February 19, 2024

GCash Shares How to Legit Check Online Sellers

GCash shares how to verify legit online sellers and safeguard Send Money transactions with the Express Send Checkbox.

Almost everyone is into online shopping nowadays and with it comes some danger in the form of online scammers or fake sellers. But of course, online shopping is still unstoppable. And with that in mind, GCash shares some signs you should watch out for when checking an online seller and how to do a 'legit check' using Express Send Checkbox for Send Money transactions, a unique feature designed to help you verify the legitimacy of your Send Money transaction. 

How to spot a fake seller:

1. Seller has little to no account history- Be wary of sellers with minimal or no account history. Scammers frequently create new accounts to continue their fraudulent activities, even if they have been reported or blocked in the past. When making purchases though socmed pages, use the page transparency feature to verify when the page was created and its previous name changes. 

2. The seller offers ridiculously low prices - If you stumble upon a product that's too good to be true, it probably is. Fake sellers often lure customers with very low prices compared to the average market price. If you're unsure about the legitimacy of the seller, check the price with at least two more sellers selling the same product. 

3. The seller has no other posts and reviews - When an online seller has no other posts and reviews on their profile, it may mean that they are new to the platform or have minimal selling experience online. Legitimate sellers usually have a consistent record of posts, listings, and reviews to provide potential customers an understanding of their reputation and customer experience. 

How can I do a Legit Check on an online seller?

1. Check the seller's profile- Before agreeing to pay for a product, examine the seller's profile. Do a quick search of the business or seller's name to make sure they are not imitating a legitimate business or individual.

2. Assess seller reviews- Check for reviews and complaints about the business on various platforms, including the seller's own profile, independent review sites, and social media pages. Be on the lookout for recurring complaints that may suggest potential issues. 

3. Ask for payment-upon-delivery option- When possible, ask the seller if it's possible to pay only once the item is delivered, or once you have confirmed that the item is correct. 

4. Use GCash as your trusted payment option- When paying for your purchases, make sure to use a secure mode of payment such as CGash. When you use GCash to send money to the seller, you are reminded to do a 'legit check' first with the help of Express Send Checkbox feature. The Express Send Checkbox prompts you to verify that you have reviewed the person you are sending money to and that the number of the recipient and the amount you are about to send are correct, before enabling you to proceed with the transaction. 

Always keep in mind that online shopping is convenient and should be an enjoyable experience. But you also need to be vigilant against fake sellers and scammers by doing legit checks. 


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