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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Banwa Private Island: A Documentary About Adventure & Discovery

Over 200 guests from the Philippines and Hong Kong were treated to a movie documentary- "Banwa Private Island- A Two Part Adventure," filmed on location and produced by Asian Air Safari.

The documentary highlights how guests are coming from around the world to explore the culture, history and ecology of this unique region. With just 6 beautiful villas, Banwa Private Island gives its guests a truly unparalleled hospitality, surrounded by nature and wildlife, and turquoise waters. 

"I was given a beautiful opportunity to visit this incredible island with its rich bio-diversity, right in our own backyard in the Philippines. Flying with the helicopter for only two hours from Manila allowed me to see this private world- a distinctive combination of luxurious pampering and hospitality, wildlife encounters, and authentic, meaningful interactions with the local community," said Captain Joy Roa, CEO of Asian Air Safari. "Experiencing it all first-hand makes me proud that an award-winning, world-class property like Banwa Private Island can be found in the Philippines, because it defines what positive, impactful travel should be."

"We are so grateful to Captain Joy and his brilliant team for this incredible documentary. It enables people to have an insight into the sounds, smells, culture and scenery of this almost unknown region and Captain Joy immersed himself into every aspect of what the region offers. His generosity is unbounded, and he appears to have found quite a few future pilots for his team from the eager local school children," said Richard Beattie.

Guests from all over the world such as Brazil, China, Europe, attended the event. Some were even previous guests at Banwa Private Island. The two-part documentary will be available for public viewing in March. Check this link- Banwa Private Island Documentary for a sneak peak. 


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