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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

HOTEL REVIEW: Signature Boracay Punta Rosa Part 2

Because our last stay at Punta Rosa Boracay was so memorable, we decided to stay there again during our pre-Christmas family trip to the island. 

Since we are 3 pax this time, we got the room that can accommodate all of us. Luckily, it's available when I booked via (where else?) the app. 

Our room is called Punta Saging and is on the same floor as our last one. This one is smaller in size than Punta Piedra but has a sofa bed for that 3rd pax. Also, it has a nicer balcony view than our previous room. The room has also the same resort-vibe and I like that this one appears more brighter than the other one. 

Here's another view of the room. That door on the left is the bathroom which I forgot to take photo. It is somewhat similar in size with that of Punta Piedra. Btw, this bathroom has a bidet! I think the hotel made improvements after our last stay, so yey! 

The room also has a small fridge and a water dispenser. I do like this idea of water dispensers in hotels. It saves the environment from too much water bottles that's been thrown carelessly. It is also a great savings on the pocket as long as you bring your own tumbler. 

Another thing that I love about this particular room is the bed! Aside from being comfy, I love the bed-frame for its zen-ish style. 

Punta Saging has a bigger terrace that faces a private forested area but you can see the sea yonder. It's nice to hangout in this area or use the laptop here like what my daughter did. And I just have to mention that the wifi speed at Punta Rosa Boracay is perfect for digital nomads. Hubby was able to successfully conduct his weekly Astrology-related FB livestream- FB Filipino Astrologer

Of course, we love, love, love our 'breakfast-with-a-view' sesh at the hotel's roofdeck. Breakfast schedule was from 7am-11am. 

Just like our previous stay at Punta Rosa Boracay, we got to sample almost all of what's offered on the breakfast menu during our 5-day vacay. My top choice would be the Tapa and Bacon set. Yum! Breakfast meal comes complete with a serving of fruits and choice of coffee, juice, or iced tea. 

Also, the hotel only serves breakfast but they did mention that they're thinking of opening a restaurant soon. 

Now here's the best part why I decided to stay at Punta Rosa Boracay for the second time. It was so that hubby can enjoy stargazing, us included, of course. We got to see a lot of shooting stars during the Geminid Meteor Shower (December 13-15). It was fun and memorable experience and the hotel's roofdeck was perfect for that activity. Hubby even showed us some of the constellations that he has identified. 

PS. Phone captures of shooting star and constellations are from RedMi Note 10 Pro. 

To sum it up, we all had a wonderful time at Punta Rosa Boracay and a nice vacation means you've created a lot of happy memories. I am highly recommending this hotel and can't wait to go back. 

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