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Friday, March 25, 2022

HOTEL REVIEW: Henann Prime Beach Resort Boracay

It's been a long time since our last vacay since the pandemic started in year 2020 so we're quite excited to have our fill of vitamin sea. Chosen location is in Boracay. Also, I haven't stepped in Boracay for more than five years already if I'm not mistaken. Oooops!

We were billeted in Station 2 during our previous Boracay trip so this time, we chose a hotel in Station 1 because it is less crowded. We found our perfect hotel via except all slots were already taken on our chosen dates so I did the reservation at Henann Prime Beach Resort Boracay and paid directly also. Transaction was fast and I got email confirmation right after. 

Since our flight was early in the morning, we arrived at the hotel by 8:30AM if I'm not mistaken. Check-in time is at 3:00PM but I requested the hotel if we can check-in early. We were told to come back by 12:00NN to see if there's an available room already. And yey- we got to rest in our room by lunchtime. 

Our room has two beds, a double and a queen-sized. Very spacious! Our Deluxe room is on the 3rd floor, east wing. Do take note that east wing building is not on the beachfront. According to the security staff, there used to be a connecting bridge between the east and west buildings but the LGU removed it during the road expansion. For those with children or elderly companions, I do suggest getting a room at the west building (a.k.a. beach wing), as that is where the beach is located, and the hotel restaurant. 

All the rooms at the east wing has a view of the pool, every nice actually. The rooms on the ground floor though, has a special access to the pool area. Wow!

PS ... No need to buy water because every floor has a water station where you can refill your bottles. 

Bathroom is also very spacious, and has a bathtub! 

TIP: Empty the "bubble bath gel" on the bathtub before filling it with water. That way, it will form bubbles as compared if you add the "bubble bath gel" when it is already filled with water. 

And did I mention that breakfast buffet is included when you book a room? Thumbs up! You'll be asked for your chosen breakfast schedule upon check-in, and we chose the 6:00-8:00AM slot. Also, Sea Salt restaurant opens to the beachfront so you can have a really nice breakfast and stare at the beach at the same time. 

PS... Sea Salt serves the best and perfect bacon (imho), and you're lucky if they serve it on consecutive days. The callos was quite good also. Thumbs up! 

To sum it up, we're very happy with our stay at Henann Prime Beach Resort Boracay. Excellent hotel and superb service from the hotel staff. 

Here are more photos:

This is the East Wing. 

This is the Beach Wing. Sea Salt offers cocktails and other alcoholic drink, and has live band/ jam sessions in the evening. We were lucky to avail of the extended Happy Hour  (till 10:00PM) B1T1 cocktails during our stay. 

HERE'S A SHORT KWENTO: We usually took a walk on the stretch of white sand right after having our breakfast. So that would be around 7:00AM when the sun has still that right temperature of being warm. Then we'd take a dip because why not? The clear and azure water is what we came for in the first place (but we ended up relaxing in our hotel room most of the time especially after having lunch; and did I say my daughter brought her laptop with her because she has online class?). So the kwento was we stayed a bit longer swimming, and tide was already approaching the shore (high tide). Then my daughter suddenly said that her right wrist was feeling numb, and I saw that there's a red mark around her wrist. I told her to rub some sand on it, as we walked back to the shore. We were a bit far from the hotel and near Lambros Point. We did saw a group of tourist patrol officers but they don't have any first aid kit with them and offered to go with us to the lifeguard station which was just a few steps from our hotel. Btw, the tourist patrol officers confirmed that it was "salabay" (jellyfish) mark and it is because it is almost high tide already and the jellyfish(es) were being brought near the shore by the waves. We decided to just go to the hotel and approached the guard for some first aid and he called a waiter to bring vinegar and calamansi, which was applied on my daughter's wrist. What's worth mentioning though was that even after several hours has passed already, the guard and some of the staff who knew about the "salabay" incident asked my daughter about it whenever we pass by. Thank you and thumbs up for checking on your guests! 

PS ... It is not yet jellyfish season, just one of those rare occasion when it just happened. We still enjoyed swimming after a few hours of rest (online class for my daughter). 

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