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Monday, October 17, 2022

HOTEL REVIEW: Punta Rosa Boutique Hotel Boracay

So we've been to Boracay again and this time, we stayed at Punta Rosa Boutique Hotel located at the farthest spot in Station 1. And third time is still a charm for us when we booked our stay via app because Punta Rosa is such a gem!

Check-in time is 2:00PM but I forgot to inform the hotel that we're arriving an hour or two late but it was very easy since I did all the payment online. I think it was the fastest transaction I've had with the front desk. Wow! 

Btw, our room rate includes breakfast. Yey!

Our room was just one flight of stairs near the front desk and three flights of stairs to the gate. I need to mention here that Punta Rosa doesn't have an elevator so you really need to check where your room is located or you'd end up huffing and puffing. The hotel's breakfast area is also at the roof deck so that's like 4-5 more of flight of stairs up from our room. 

But let not the flight of stairs scare you because our room was super lovely! It was worth the extra steps. Our room is called Punta Piedra and it was amazing. Really resort-feel vibes. 

There's also a small balcony where you can have coffee or beer but we decided not to open it since it faces the part of land where there's a lot of trees and it was rainy season already. We don't want to invite the mosquitoes in. But there are rooms with balconies facing the sea so you'd best get that. 

Room was very spacious. I was told that every room at Punta Rosa is decorated differently so there's a unique experience in each room. Ours made me think of Bali minus the Buddhas and wooden carvings. Who knows, maybe when we go back next time they have additional aesthetics placed. 

A small fridge with drinks such as soda, beer, and water is also available. The drinks inside the fridge are not free though. But they do have a water dispenser inside the room and there are glasses as well. You can also bring your own tumbler and just refill it. 

Another plus points goes to the bathroom. Super nice!!! It also has a pair of toothbrush and soaps. I just wish that they'll install a bidet in the near future. *hint* *hint*

Breakfast at the roof deck. As I've mentioned earlier, breakfast means going up several flights of stairs first BUT the view is just lovely, and the food and service- superb! Breakfast schedule is from 7am-11am. We're not really breakfast eaters so what we did was go to the beach and swim for about 2 hours before going back to the hotel for breakfast. 

There are several breakfast choices and each one is equally good! We got to try almost all on the menu. And the brewed coffee, wow! Thumbs up to the breakfast crew of Punta Rosa Boutique Hotel! 

Punta Rosa doesn't have a beach front but the beach area of Station 1 is just 2-5 minutes walk away. It was early October when we checked-in at Punta Rosa and it was high-tide during the morning till about 11am. Sea water is low-tide until about 7-8pm. 

The hotel doesn't have shuttle service going to D'Mall or other areas but the staff can radio an e-trike or whatever service you need, for additional fee, of course. Hotel entrance is also far from the main road. What we did when we want to go to D'Mall or restaurants (Kasbar, etc.) was walk from hotel to Station 1 or 2. Haha, we love to walk. You know, it burns the calories from eating. ;) 

To sum it up, we enjoyed our stay at Punta Rosa Boutique immensely. Two thumbs up! 

PS. You can download hotel apps such as Booking or Agoda to compare room rates, as well as check the hotel rates on their respective websites. 

Sinagpa Street
Brgy. Bulabog
Boracay Island, Aklan

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  1. Thank you for that wonderful review Ma'am. We are so happy to inform you that we have now installed bidets in all our bathrooms. You can now also enjoy our free shuttle service(scheduled) going to Club Paraw, D'Mall or Jollibee and E'Mall. Hope to see you again here in Signature Boracay Punta Rosa.


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