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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Shopee Highlights Protective Gears Crafted by Local Artisans

As a show of support to the livelihood of Filipino MSMEs, Shopee is highlighting eco-friendly bamboo face shields and patterned masks made by some Indigenous tribes in the country.

The current global pandemic has really disrupted our lives and what was once just worn or known as hospital gear or factory wear is now a mandatory attire whenever one needs to go out of the house. These protective gears are essential to keep us safe and protected from Covid-19.

Farmer's from Cotabato City and Nueva Ecija are making this hand-crafted face shields made from bamboo. Bambuhay face shields are lightweight and easy to disinfect. Aside from face shields, Bambuhay also sells other eco-friendly products such as bamboo straws, rice, wheat straw mugs, and bamboo toothbrushes which are made of local materials. 

Amian PH makes face masks from hand-woven Inabel textiles in Pinilian weave sourced from Ilocos Region. The face mask has a filter pocket for an added layer of protection and has a comfier fit. It is incorporates the words- washable, reusable, and breathable in every mask.

At My Home protective equipment lab gowns are made in Quezon City with sizes that range from S up to 3XL. It has a water-resistant microfiber fabric material, which are suited for those who always go outside. The material is very easy to wash also and comes with a head and shoe cover.

Nature's Rain 500 ml  comes in two formulations: organic-based ethyl alcohol used for hand sanitation and antiseptic isopropyl alcohol. It comes in 500 ml or 1 gallon size, and also accept bulk orders. 

Local Katutubo Masks are made from fully handwoven, Inabel cloth that comes in different designs. The face mask has the same shape as the N-95 mask thus, users have full coverage from the nose down to the chin. 

At times like this, protecting oneself from the Covid-19 virus is very important. Also, supporting local businesses and MSMEs to help sustain the livelihood of marginalized individuals.

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