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Monday, September 28, 2020

Rapoo XK100 Bluetooth Keyboard for the New Normal Online Class

The year 2020 is filled with challenges and there's still a few more months left before we can say goodbye to it. However, being the resilient people (Filipinos) that we are, we have easily adapted to the "new normal" way of life brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Coincidentally, the digital era that we are in now is perfect for the new normal especially when it was announced that schools will go online so that the students won't be deprived of their education during the pandemic when most of the country is still under quarantine.

The Rapoo XK100 Bluetooth Keyboard is one of the accessory I got for my daughter's online class which started second week of September. She's alternating between using her laptop and her tablet and this bluetooth keyboard is much more convenient that tapping on the tablet's screen. 

What's nice about this Rapoo XK100 Bluetooth Keyboard is that it works well with an iOS and Android tablets, or even mobile phones. It is also very easy to connect especially for a tech-challenged mama like me. Unlike some keyboards, this one has an integrated slot design where you can place your tablet without having to worry that it might fall off. 

The keyboard itself has the right size that ensures a great typing experience. Of course, another nice thing about using a bluetooth keyboard is that you can position it a bit farther from the device which can lessen eye-strain. 

The Rapoo XK100 Bluetooth Keyboard has a rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to more than 93 hours of use in a single charge. It also has 4 led indicator lights so that it is easy for you to check if the keyboard is connected to your tablet. With its 292 x 155 x 20mm dimensions, it is easy to hold and place inside the bag. 

SRP PHP1,495.00 


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