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Friday, September 4, 2020

Cebu Student Uses Soy Sauce As An Art Medium

People have been discovering and rediscovering skills and talents this quarantine. Most Filipinos are finding ways on how to express creativity especially now that we all have a lot of time on our hands.

This is true with 19-year old Thea Sophia Disabelle who hails from Bantayan, Cebu. Being an artistic person, she didn't confine herself to traditional art medium and hence, discovered that soy sauce can be an art medium also.

"It all started when I poured a little amount of soy sauce into a saucer, since I needed it for my fried fish," said Thea, who made her first soy sauce artwork back in March using Silver Swan Soy Sauce, a staple in their pantry. "After that, I paused for three seconds while staring at it--- something was beautifully formed. After I had my breakfast that day, I asked myself- Why not make art usig soy sauce?"

According to Thea, "The texture looks so cool after a while. Artists just need soy sauce, a large plate, and imagination. It's tricky to do this kind of artwork because one wrong move, you'll have to start all over again. It might be an ephemeral artwork but it's worth the effort."

Thea believes that there's really no limit to what anyone can create as long as they keep trying. She herself wants to pursue a fine arts course and eventually turn her hobby into her life's work.

"I encourage them to be creative and make use of their time through art," added Thea. "You don't need expensive art materials- you just have to go to your kitchen, get some stuff and make it your masterpiece. It's just a matter of creativity, dedication and willingness to learn something new. You just have to be creative in making nothing into something. That's how art works."


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