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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Hanabishi's Energy-Efficient Chest Freezer

A sturdy freezer is best especially if you have a food business because you can stock up on items without going back and forth to the grocery or market, and Hanabishi HCHINVF 20 is not just the perfect size for it but it has an inverter also and can function as both freezer and chiller.

"Freezing is an essential science-backed way of keeping food fresh for a longer time. In other countries, stocking food is a part of life, especially before the winter season begins. In tropical countries, where hot temperatures easily affect the freshness of food, it would be wise to consider having a freezer at home to save on food cost," said Cherish Ong-Chua, VP for Finance and Marketing of Hanabishi Appliances.

The Hanabishi Chest Freezer also has a lock and key to keep your products safe. Best of all, it is environmental-friendly and energy-saving, two qualities that you should always consider when purchasing an appliance for your home or business.

"Products from Hanabishi are reliable and affordable companions of practical mothers in keeping their families safe and healthy. Moms should consider investing in household appliances that will make them even more efficient home keepers," added Ong-Chua.


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