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Monday, September 21, 2020

GCash Partners with Singlife for A No-Fuss Protection for Its Subscribers

Singlife Philippines officially announced its partnership with mobile wallet GCash for that fuss-free insurance protection for Filipinos.

For first time customers, getting an insurance can be daunting and by identifying the reasons that prevents people from getting insured, Singlife has found answers that addresses people's concerns. 

"What makes Singlife's products different is that they are designed to be meaningful; offering basic protection that is easy to purchase, easy to manage, and easy to maintain. We do not have anything to hide and that makes it possible to be transparent and clear. You can always ensure that our solutions fit your financial needs and that you are not bound by long-lasting contracts preventing you from optimizing the value of the product. Singlife empowers you to be in control," said Rien Hermans, President and CEO Singlife Philippines.

Expanding its presence from Singapore to the Philippines, Singlife partnered with GCash as it offers simple and flexible products at affordable prices, with a similar goal of unlocking the potential of money for all Filipinos. "This partnership comes at a crucial time when health and financial security are a priority. Leveraging Singlife's technology and offerings, we have an opportunity to provide more Filipinos with meaningful life insurance products that can effectively protect them and secure their financial well-being," said Martha Sazon, GCash President and CEO.

Another partnership between GCash and Singlife's Cash for Dengue feature. "This innovation is indeed made possible by fully utilizing technology and digital processes to ensure that Filipinos have a seamless and paperless experience, allowing policies to be issued and managed real-time," added Sazon.

The Cash of Dengue was made available to a limited number of GCash users this September but more subscribers will be able to avail of this via the GCash Insurance Marketplace along with other Singlife protection products later this year.

"Singlife's vision for this partnership with GCash is making simple yet meaningful health and income protection products available to all Filipinos. This is why we are also preparing to release a full suite of products in the coming months so that the rest of the Philippine population can have  no-fuss protection, helping them take better control of their financial lives in an easy, quick and affordable manner," concluded Hermans.


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