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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Sarah and Matteo for Love, Landers

As part of its 4th year anniversary celebration, Landers Superstore brought together newlyweds Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli in the online show- "Love, Landers."

Sarah and Matteo shared their life as newlyweds, about being in quarantine, updates about their respective careers, and of course, their famous love story. They also treated viewers to songs such as "I'll Be There For You and Tala."

Aside from the musical experience, Sarah and Matteo also encouraged the community to help provide aid to those in need by supporting Lander's Share the Hope donation program.

The show also featured the launch of Lander's 100 Blessings campaign which will continue the spirit of gratitude and goodwill towards each other. The campaign encourages social media users to post a photo showing the person they want to thank. Participants must write a short message addressed to the person in the photo and use the hashtag #100Blessings. To keep the gratitude movement going, uploaders may tag their family and friends so they can also create their own thank you posts.


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