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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Puerto Del Sol: A Hidden Gem In Bolinao Part 2

Puerto Del Sol during the morning is just as breathtaking as when we arrived in the afternoon of the previous day. What makes it special in the morning though is the solitude and relaxing peace that one seem to experience upon meditation. It was around 8am and we just had breakfast buffet and I guess most of the guests went back to their own beds except us. Read more about our dining experience at Puerto del Sol here.

There's only a handful of guests in the pool. Read more about our Day 1 in Puerto Del Sol here.

After spending some time in the pool, we opted to check out the beach front to gather some shells and frolic in the sand and sea. As in most beaches that I've been to, it is low tide in the morning. It seem as if the sea has receded overnight and decided to stay beyond the breakwater. Since it is an "open" sea, there are tons of seaweeds. Water barely reach our ankles though.

Its hard to distinguish where the sea and sky meets. I love the blue sky, the blue water and the golden sand. The beach is a bit pebbly and some shells are sharp so its a must to wear aqua shoes or slippers or any footwear that can be used on the beach/water. Don't think that walking towards the breakwater is easy because the sand is uneven and there are some "deep" parts even if its low tide.

That's them, walking near the edge of the breakwater. We were told that the breakwater is about 50ft high so how deep do you think the sea is beyond the breakwater. Actually, we saw some passing ships the day before so I guess the sea is really deep, not to mention its called the West Philippine Sea. ;)

The crushing waves against the breakwater was really high and this is a sunny morning. Can you just imagine how high the waves would be like on a stormy day/night? Yikes! But its really a wonderful experience to be just as close to the huge waves. From afar, the waves looks about 3 feet high but when we moved closer, I think its more than 7-8 feet high.

Fearless, that's what I call Isabel and Jacky as they move towards the mesmerizing waves. I think the waves are calling them to come nearer so that they will get a hug (from the waves). No way! I told them to move back and admire the waves from a safe distance. ***Going near the breakwater is dangerous even for an adult (even if you are a good swimmer) so it is best to have a companion or two. Do not attempt to venture on your own.

Food review here.

Puerto Del Sol
Brgy. Ilog Malino
Bolinao, Pangasinan

Website: Puerto Del Sol


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