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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TRAVEL: Post-Graduation Baguio Escapade Day 2

Our Day 2 at Azalea Residences' Family Fun Tour began with an early morning breakfast at Tradisyon, the hotel restaurant. Here we got to mingle again with the other bloggers and their families. Call time to hop the van was at 9am and then were all happily on our way to Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary in Camp Sioco, Baguio City.

That's the map of the different areas that you'll get to see once inside the eco-sanctuary. Its best to wear comfortable clothing, comfortable and not slippery footwear, hat, and bring water because its a long hike that goes up, down and sideways.

Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary's highlight is the Cosmic Journey, that's the eco-trek around a hectare of land that teaches the importance of environment and reflect on the miracle of the earth's creation. There are 14 stations that correspond to the miracle of creation.

For a minimal fee, anyone can take a trek inside the eco-sanctuary. The place is also good for family picnics but make sure that you clean up and avoid hurting the environment. It is also a perfect place for soul-searching especially this Holy Week.

I've always wanted to visit the Stonehenge in England but this will do for now. Who would've thought that there's one in Baguio City? ;)

One of the station is about the ocean.

Mr. Darwin, is this what you mean when you said we descended from the apes?

Oh look! There's a not so hidden cave ... are there bats inside?

And a hanging bridge! Not for the fainthearted though. Avoid looking down if you are afraid of heights because its a long drop.

And there's a cutey little boy wooden carving guarding the "ancient" site. Magic is in the air though because the other wooden figure turned into a real little boy! Haha. That's Ashton, the youngest member of our Bloggers Family Fun Tour. He is the son of Azrael Coladilla of Azrael's Merryland blog.

There are so many things to see, hear, feel and experience at the eco-sanctuary and spending about three hours there is not enough. I'm looking forward to another visit soon.

After an exciting morning at the Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary, we drove off to nearby Quezon Hill area to have lunch at Mother's Garden and Cafe. You can read more about the place here and about the food here.

We all had a short siesta after lunch before heading off to our next tour destination namely The Mansion and Wright Park.

The Mansion is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines. It was built in 1908 by the Americans. It was turned over to the Philippines during the inauguration of the Commonwealth in the 1940s.

That's us doing the obligatory photo at The Mansion.

The cool mountain air seem to whet everyone's appetite that after several steps away from The Mansion, the kids espied this taho vendor. Of course, we all know that going to Baguio is not complete if you don't buy strawberry taho! These boys are the sons of Ron Villagonzalo of Work@HomePinas.

Mommy Lace feeding Ashton strawberry taho- the snack of the champions!

This is the result of eating power taho- kids in Igorot costumes playing with wooden spears and shields. Cuteys!!!

These steps are famous in Wright Park. I think its a hundred steps. Glad that we're going down and not up!

Another must-not-miss activity when in Baguio is horseback-riding. The kids love this!

Isabel and her pink-and-purple haired horse named Heartland. She wanted her favorite horse- Candy but the horse is not available that time.

And do you think we're ready to go back to the hotel after Wright Park? The answer is- NO. We made a quick tour of Laperal House, famously known as the Haunted House before finally heading back to Azalea Residences.


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