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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

TRAVEL: Post-Graduation Baguio Escapade Day 1

Isabel recently graduated from grade 6 and two days after, we found ourselves enroute to Baguio City via Victory Liner's Deluxe Bus. This is a Family Fun tour and we'll be joining four other families in Baguio. Travel from Manila is approximately 6 hours (including 3 stops) but since we took the 3am bus, we just snored from NLEX to Baguio- no kidding.

We landed at the bus station a few minutes past 9am and then hailed a cab up to Session Road because we planned to eat breakfast at Jim's Retro Diner. Alas, the place was still closed when we arrived so we thought we'll be eating at Tea House (hubby's favorite) but ended up at Point Grill which is just a few steps away from the diner.

Session Road was not that busy yet when we arrived; one can walk at a leisurely stroll without bumping into someone else's elbow. We left hubby at the restaurant while Isabel and I went off in search for some "ukay" finds near the Patriotic School along Harrison Road. Found some kiddie clothes- 3 for P100. Isabel found a white hoodie and an anime-ish looking jumper, and I can't resist the "bunny" printed sweater even if it won't fit Isabel and I don't have a friend nor a relative to whom the sweater will fit. I bought it anyway. ;)

We were billeted at the Azalea Residences near Teacher's Camp and it's our first time to stay at this hotel. What I like about the hotel is its location that its very accessible to Session Road and Camp John Hay, Techno Hub, Wright Park, Minesview, Pink Sisters and Victory Liner. You can opt to bring your own car or hop onto a cab or the jeepney (my preferred means of transportation when in Baguio). Walking is also possible (if you love to walk) especially around 6am or 6pm onwards.

Since we arrived earlier than expected and check-in time is at 2pm, we were graciously herded to the Presidential Suite to freshen up while waiting for our assigned room. We joined Team WAHPinas at the Presidential Suite.

Our assigned quarters for the next four days is a one-bedroom deluxe room with kitchenette and living room with a veranda on the first floor. The room was very spacious especially for a family of three. The bed was heavenly and even Isabel enjoyed the sofa bed. The room also has two televisions, one in the bedroom and another one in the living room. Thank you Azalea Residences! :)

We still have enough time to kill before our group dinner around 7pm so off we went to Session Road again. This time we had a quick snack at Jim's Retro Diner. Yey!

P.S. Isabel's pink hat was from the "ukay." Its from the anime "One Piece" and we got it for P100 after a bit of haggling. Seller's price is P150 since its a "newly arrived" item.

This is my favorite scene whenever we go to Session Road. We love buying from these street vendors that sells boiled peanuts, green mangoes, chicharon bulaklak, Sagada oranges and corn on the cob (during the evening). Prices range from P10-P20 only.

We had a quick snack at Jim's Retro Diner (Azotea Bldg. along Session Road) because Isabel is craving for their cheeseburger. Food there is affordable and they have WiFi also- yey!!! We had another round at the "ukay" but didn't find anything that fancy us. We did check the silver at Ibay's though because I am looking for new charms for my Thomas Sabo.

Dinner that night was at Tradisyon, Azalea Residences' Restaurant. They had Mongolian Buffet that night- yum! We joined three other families for dinner- Team Merryland, Team WAHPinas and Team Lifesbucket.

And because we love Baguio so much, we can't seem to stay still at the hotel and watch tv or read books (I brought 2 books that I plan to read). We, with Ron of Team WAHPinas found found ourselves going back to Session Road (after buying our return tickets to Manila) and going to Bohemian Cafe for some folksy music and drinks.

Bohemian Cafe is in Assumption Road, which is just a few steps away from the corner of Assumption and Session Roads. Actually, it was really Isabel who's excited about Bohemian Cafe. We discovered this place during our trip to Baguio last year. Also, she is fond of music and knows most of the songs being played, thanks to her Dad. I, on the other hand is not musically inclined except for classical and broadway music. :P

Had a short tour of the night market afterwards before heading back to the hotel for some zzzzzz's!


  1. I miss Baguio!! Good thing they already opened the new expressway :)

    1. Yes, we are lucky to experience fast travel to Baguio nowadays as compared years ago. Travel time if you'll be driving your own car is between 3.5-4 hrs :)


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