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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Azalea Residences

If you're planning to go to Baguio City and is looking for a nice place to stay that is neither far nor too near to the heart of the city, then the best place for you is Azalea Residences. We visit Baguio maybe 2-3x a year but this is the first time that we've stayed at Azalea Residences and I want to share our wonderful experience when my family (along with 4 other bloggers and their families) was invited to spend 4D/3N at Azalea Residences.

Actually, we do know where Azalea Residences is but since the hotel is not visible from the main road (Leonard Wood Road), only the signage to Azalea is- we (me, hubby and Isabel) were awestruck when our taxi dropped us off at the entrance. So this is what Azalea Residences looks like up close. We already know what it looks like from behind since we always camped at a friend's house in nearby Brentwood and our window faces the hotel (well, the topmost part that is).

What I also like about the hotel is its location and proximity to restaurants, parks and museum, Session Road and churches. Its easy to get a cab or ride the jeepney. Just in case you brought your car to Baguio, I advice you to leave it in Azalea and explore Baguio using the public transport or even walk. Read about our Day 1 in Baguio here.

This fountain sits outside of the main entrance is very appealing and refreshing to look at. Aside from its aesthetic purposes, I'm guessing there's feng shui involved. ;)

The lobby has a floor-to-ceiling view (6 stories) so guests staying at the higher floors can admire the view below. Lucky! Our assigned room was at the ground floor- but then, that made things easier for us since we go out a lot. No need to wait for the lift! ;)

8 Degrees Lounge. A nice place to chillax for aperitif or before heading off to bed. It is located on the ground floor, left side upon entering the hotel. There are more than several bottles of alcoholic drinks to warm up the night and a selection of teas, coffee and fruit juices.

Tradisyon Cafe. This is the hotel's restaurant. They have a la carte and buffet meals. They have different themes for the buffet dinners such as Mongolian on Friday night and Pizza and Pasta Buffet on Saturday night when we were there. The Pizza and Pasta Buffet was a big hit with the kids. :)

There's also a venue hall in Azalea for weddings, parties and other events.

Our assigned our was a one-bedroom unit with a small kitchen and dining area. You can even cook meals or reheat food. You just need to inform "housekeeping" that you need a pot and a pan. ;)

After the kitchen/dining area is the living room. It has a sofa-bed which Isabel already "claimed" as hers upon entering our room. Deciding factor was the TV! Hahaha. Also, the sofa-bed was already prepared and pillows too! Such thoughtfulness from the staff did not go unnoticed. Thank you and two thumbs up. Across the living room is a terrace but since we are on the ground floor, there's not much view. The T&B is also spacious (forgot to take photos) and "housekeeping" replenishes everything each day- for the three of us, including complimentary bottled water in the fridge.

Here's the bedroom. Nice comfy queen size bed with soft, soft pillows. There's another TV fronting the bed so Isabel was really happy to camp in the living room. The closet also has three bathrobes. Yey! And an ironing board and a hair-dryer on the dresser. You can borrow an iron from the "housekeeping" but in our case, we did not because I used our "own." Shhhh! I bought an iron (plantsa) during this trip. It was really a last minute decision on my part. Its either bring the iron or wear crumpled-looking clothes. ;)

There's also a playground just outside the hotel where kids and the kids-at-heart can play.

We spent an hour during the lights out time during Earth Hour last March 29. It was cloudy but we did manage to see some stars after the sky cleared up a bit. We had a swell time stargazing that night and looking at the few stars visible from the sky. We were able to find Orion, Jupiter (planet), Castor and Pollux, and some others that I can't seem to remember.

Each day and night that we spent at Azalea Residences have been memorable. I treasure the time with my family, making new friends and visiting new places in Baguio like the Maryknoll Eco-Sanctuary, Mother's Garden and Cafe, Bell House, and Slaughterhouse where I bought papaitan and hand-carried it back to Manila. I'd also like to commend the staff at the hotel for being helpful and friendly- from the doormen to the front desk officers, the staff at Tradisyon, and the Housekeeping department.

Thank you Azalea Residences for welcoming us with open arms and making our family trip enjoyable and memorable. :)

Azalea Residences
Leonard Wood Road
Baguio City


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