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Friday, April 4, 2014

TV SHOW: Dis Is Pinas

This TV Program is not just about travel and beautiful places in the Philippines. It is also a culture and history tour as Kiko Rustia goes backpacking in the north for the pilot episode of Dis Is Pinas today from 1130am-12nn on GMA NewsTV.

Adding a new "twist" instead of the usual travelogue, Kiko will treat this program as his journal wherein
he will give his unbiased views on the place he visited and some of the locals he will interview can also air their grievances.

Aside from discovering the diverse cultural heritage of each place in the country, Kiko will also immerse himself and learn more about the place, local history and culture about the place by interacting with the locals. He will also visit places that viewers haven't seen before and places that needs to be preserved in order to retain its rich culture and heritage.

For its pilot episode, Kiko will travel back to Ilocos and learn more about his ancestral town. He will share with his viewers about his "new" discoveries of the place while backpacking. He will also feature the controversial Tirad Pass, the first Ilocano migrants to the USA, the Malacang of the North and the tribes of Ilocos.

Dis Is Pinas will air every Saturday from 1130am to 12noon at GMA NewsTV channel.


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