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Friday, August 25, 2023

P&G Built a Health Center for Pastrana, Leyte

P&G Philippines recently completed the construction of a health-center in Pastrana, Leyte. The eco-friendly health center is the second one built in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines. 

Sharing similar advocacy goals with Habitat for Humanity Philippines, P&G highlights the importance of health and hygiene to Filipinos. 

"The new health center will greatly improve access to basic essential healthcare for our residents, making a profound impact on our community's well-being," said Maritess Marcos, Mayor of Pastrana. "This project empowers vulnerable sectors, including women, children, and persons with disabilities, and senior citizens by addressing health, hygiene, and sanitation challenges while giving them access to health services."

The health center is built using eco-bricks from 64kg of plastic waste produced by the Homeowners Association of North Tacloban Eco-Hub in Kawayanville, Tacloban. The center is equipped with essential medical equipment and facilities. It serves as a vital resource for approximately 1,100 individuals, catering to their healthcare needs and giving them access to proper pre- and post-natal care for pregnant women as the center features accredited birthing, labor, and treatment rooms. 

"We are grateful for the support of partners like P&G in providing much-needed health centers for Filipinos in rural areas. The community in Pastrana can now have improved access to quality health care and services," said Lala Baldelovar, Chief Development Officer of Habitat for Humanity Philippines. 

For over 87 years, P&G has remained steadfast in its dedication to supporting Filipinos by promoting health and hygiene through its products, partnerships, business and investments. In April 2021, P&G built its first health center in partnership with Habitat for Humanity in Marilog, Davao to improve the lives of nearly 2,000 individuals in Brgy. Baganihan by implementing a comprehensive health and WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) program. The project also focused on educating marginalized and vulnerable groups about health, hygiene, and sanitation. In addition to training sessions and workshops, P&G also provided hygiene kits containing its trusted products from well loved brands such as safeguard, Tide, Whisper, to promote proper hygiene.


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