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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

BOOK REVIEW: A Woman Unboxed by Gayle Certeza

Frankly speaking, I haven't read a contemporary work by a Filipino author for a long, long time but guess what?  I find the book not only enjoyable, but relatable on some parts also. 

Like the author, I also have my fair share of battle scars- from climbing trees or falling off the bicycle during my childhood. And I also have a lola, and an army of aunties who loves to scold me for even the tiniest reason such as being the last to stand from the dining table or being late for the six o'clock rosary whenever I am in the province. 

But of course, there's no such thing as duplicate experience. Gayle Certeza's childhood is far from mine. In fact, reading her book is similar to watching a KDrama ... a different story unfolds as I leaf through the pages- sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and a lot of suppressed emotions hidden amongst the pages. I swallowed my tears when the author met her father, and I was giddy with excitement when the first love bloomed. 

The author has that 'magic' that captures the heart of her readers. Each word is perfectly woven that it seems to jump out from the pages and create vivid images for the reader. 

I will not discuss about the unboxing to avoid 'spoilers.' I think it should be the reader's personal discovery and journey as he/she reads the book. Btw, this book is a nice breakfast companion, when the mind is still fresh from a relaxed sleep. And with a cup of coffee. 

PS. The book is available at Certeza & Sons Lazada and Shopee stores, or FB: Certeza & Sons


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