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Saturday, December 13, 2014

HOTEL REVIEW: Shangri-La Mactan Resort Spa

One of the nicest hotel in Cebu is Shangri-La Mactan. Aside from being near the airport, this hotel is far from the busy Cebu Metropolis. Don't worry, Mactan has a lot to offer too aside from the numerous restaurants. There's the marina, Lapu-Lapu Shrine, marine sanctuaries, and more.

The resort is a very relaxing place full of greens and blues and other lovely hues. The staff are courteous and friendly, too.

I wasn't really expecting a hotel stay during my trip to Cebu a few months back when I attended my friend's birthday but she was able to get a nice deal and it was also a "treat" of sorts for herself.

This is the area where we stayed for the night. The veranda doesn't open to the sea but it has a lovely view of trees and garden as well.

This is the main lobby. Some parts are closed due to renovation when we checked-in but I'm sure its open now. Check-in time is 2pm. However, if you happen to arrive early, you can ask if your room's ready and maybe get lucky to get it early. If not, you can leave your things with the concierge and enjoy exploring the resort. You'll also be given some refreshing drinks upon check-in.

Our lovely twin-sharing room. It has two double bed! So comfy! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Look! Its the swimming pool ... the day was kinda hot when we arrived so everyone was longing for a dip. Errrr, I think I prefer the bed. ;)

Here's another look at our room. Aside from the bed, there's TV (of course) and a mini-bar, and fridge. Internet was also fast!

As with other Shangri-La hotels, bathroom has a bathtub aside from the shower.

So its dinner time but dining in a hotel can be expensive. Not to worry, there are many restaurants just outside the resort (walking distance). Will write a separate post about it on my food blog-

I had a very relaxing sleep and my friend and her youngest daughter was already in the pool when I woke up. I missed swimming in the beach and frolicking in the sand but I'm glued to the bed. Must be because I really had a long day and I wasn't able to sleep prior to my early morning Cebu flight.

Breakfast buffet was included upon checking in so we need not worry about that. So after forcing myself to wake up at 9am, I hurriedly went to Tides Restaurant located near the poolside. We all had a nice view of the pool and the sea while eating breakfast. Will write a separate post about it on my food blog- 

A lot of kids are enjoying the water already. It was so clear that you can actually see some fishes. Best to have a Go-Pro so that you can take underwater photos. ;)

These lounging chairs are just outside Tides, so if you happen to feel sleepy after breakfast, simply grab a chair and doze off. You'll enjoy the cool and relaxing sea breeze.


Another view of the beach.

It was indeed a lovely overnight stay at Shangri-La Mactan Resort Spa but like all good things, it has come to an end. Hoping to return again soon and enjoy the Shangri-La experience.


  1. I've been to Cebu but haven't tried Shangrila Mactan hotel, thinking it is too expensive but upon checking this blog, it was worth it. :)

  2. Shangrila-Mactan is definitely in my travel list. Maybe when my baby is a bit older and can enjoy the sand and water more :)

  3. We've been here but only for a day trip because we only have two days in Cebu. Good thing I booked the last flight back to Manila so we're able to enjoy a day in a paradise. I love the place, food and service.

  4. I was newly married on honeymoon in 2002, when I first saw this hotel. We fell in love with it at first sight, but never got to return. Lovely hotel, but also quiet expensive.

  5. nakaka-miss tuloy mag-travel! although usually hindi ako sa ganyan ka-sosyal na hotels, he he

  6. I love Shang Mactan for I have been there twice. Will visit Cebu again next year but thinking of other hotels to try.

  7. So beautiful, I want to go to Cebu soon!!!

  8. Wow, that resort really looks beautiful. Well it's Shangri-la :-) I'll remember that hotel when we go to Cebu in the future :-)

  9. Looks so posh :) I haven't been there but I really hope I can visit the place soon :)

  10. Lovely getaway! :) I'm hoping to go back to Cebu soon. Last time I was there, it was just me and a friend. Now I want to bring my husband and kids there too.

  11. I love the hotel! Looks like heaven! Cebu is definitely on my wish list of places to visit.

  12. looks so nice! well it is shang and bongga talaga sila ever (^.^,)

  13. Great resort! I'm sure the price are really steep considering it's a Shangrila Hotel :p

    1. Try to make reservations during Travel Fairs. Prices are really affordable. :) - edel

  14. Ooooooh I want to try Shangrila Mactan one day!


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