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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Insular Life Celebrates 104th Anniversary

Insular Life is a mutual life insurance company that also offers individual and group plans, general insurance, health insurance, retirement plans, among others. The company also belongs to the top ten insurance company in the Philippines.

"Feeling grateful and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it." - William Arthur Ward, pastor and scholar.

Mr. Vicente Ayllon, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Insular Life quoted these words to express his and the company's gratitude to the policy holders, business associates and partners for all the years that they have remained loyal to Insular Life. He recounted how he witnessed the company transitioned with the tides of change especially having faced challenges such as Typhoon Yolanda tragedy, the US Debt Crisis, the Martial Law Years, the aftermath of World War II, have tested and strengthened Insular Life's foundations.

"The company survived and endured. Why?" It is because of the trust and faith of the policy holders; because the company's agents and employees gave their best; because friends and partners in the community stood behind Insular Life in its most challenging time. With all these support, Insular Life is a company that endures and that you can trust, added Mr. Ayllon.

And to celebrate Insular Life's 104th Anniversary, a special concert by members of the New Minstrels and Circus Band performed for the policy holders, partners, and guests. The concert gives tribute not only to Insular Life but to the 70's as well. This was the decade with the most varied genre of music- disco, rock, soul, funk, jazz fusion.

Other highlight of the night was to raffle off several artworks to lucky policy holders and partners.

Insular Life's Ambassador, Ms. Lea Salonga also rendered some songs that night.

And before the evening ended, the New Minstrels and Circus Band played popular 70's dance music and asked the audience to join in.


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