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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Midea Makes Your Kitchen Your Favorite Place This Christmas

Almost all homemakers recognize that their kitchen is the one place where they will stay the most this Christmas.  Regardless of whether they are fulltime mothers or working ladies who spend time in an office eight hours a day, they still have the last say on the kind of cuisine that will be laid on the breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner table.
The tension increases especially during the holidays, given the many meals they have to prepare, the many visitors they have to entertain, and the delicacies they might want to bake themselves and give away as special gifts.

Thanks to Midea, the global brand and the largest producer of consumer appliances. Holidays and all that works that goes in the kitchen can be fun. Homemakers will find that the Midea’s microwave and induction cooker are invaluable instruments in whipping up those traditional, favorite dishes preferred by their loved ones.

Midea’s microwave oven can warm up ingredients or a frozen dish in just 90 seconds.  It can prepare easy-to-cook recipes in that same amount of time. Christmas ham can be sliced and cooked in less than two minutes, prepared just in time for the noche buena and as soon as the kids come home from their caroling and partying. Other mouth-watering meat which the family loves, such as hotdogs and bacon, can come out crispier, making each bite of them memorable.
Guilty pleasures such as pork contain less than ten percent of their original fat; cooking them using traditional frying would have left the fat intact. This reduced amount of fat makes the food a bit more nutritious than normal, making this Christmas dining experience almost guiltless.

Midea’s induction cooker also provides a quick turnaround when it comes to cooking.  The time spent in cooking dishes by using an electric stove is reduced by 25 percent. This appliance has a heating adjustment option that allows for more precise cooking; the homemaker can observe the degree of heat that is being applied to the food and accordingly adjust if she has to lessen or increase the temperature.
All of Midea’s kitchen appliances have been designed to help the homemaker, the food buff, and the kitchen aficionado come up with their favorite dishes quickly, with the least amount of difficulty, but with a larger share of the nutrients and the delightful taste intact.   Homemakers using these appliances just might find that this Christmas, their usual cooking tasks have been transformed into a culinary adventure – and instead of dreading the time that they go to the kitchen, they just might look forward in staying in it.


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