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Thursday, December 18, 2014

CEBU: Secret B And Tree Shade Spa

Having a pedicure in Cebu is not really part of my itinerary but it just happened. This Spa and Salon is located in Escario Central in Cebu City. I was eyeing the Zubochon branch but found myself entering Secret B.

Secret B is the nail salon inside Tree Shade Spa. Actually, I was in Escario early in the morning and its one of the places that's already open.

As for the name, I'd like to think B stands for broken-hearted! Hahaha. My friend will kill me if she happens to read this. :P

I was nursing a broken-heart, blame the romantic me and my Kdramas so I felt that I needed some pampering. Its either this (nail salon) versus Zubuchon.

There's only one customer when I arrived so the place was really quiet. It looks bare but in a nice way. I love the colorful chairs,

The place doesn't really look spa-ish to me but more like a coffeeshop. It would be cool to hang-out here with friends or even by your lonesome, with a book.

And because I felt I needed a hug to cure my aching heart, I decided to sit beside Mr. Bear.

I'm glad that Mr. Bear is a good listener, and soft-hearted too! Haha

My pedicure costs P250 and it includes feet massage and your choice of OPI nail polish. There are lots of nice shades to choose from but I felt that dark red suits my mood that time. :P

The one who did my pedicure has soft hands and was very gentle with my feet the whole time. Sorry I can't seem to remember her name.

I still went to Zubuchon after my pedicure! Can't resist not going there when its just next door. Haha

Secret B 
Escario Central Bldg.
Escario Street
Cebu City


  1. Wow the service seems a lot cheaper in Cebu compared to here in Manila

  2. interesting post... hmmm i wonder when i can go back to visit cebu city.. beautiful and really hot city

  3. I agree, it doesn't look spa to me, more on cafe. :)


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