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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Travel Tips from Besties Cocoy Lim and Justine Sy

Planning for a trip can sometimes be stressful especially when it comes to making the itinerary, hotel reservations, travel booking, among others.

For travel besties Cocoy Lim and Justine Sy, these duo make sure they have a memorable travel adventure and the best experiences. So what's their secret? They use GCash and its features in all aspects of their trips, from planning to making payments, no matter where they are. 

Cocoy and Justine shares their travel tips here:

Tip #1: Don't Forget to get GInsure Travel Insurance for your luggages. When it comes to affordable travel insurance, Cocoy and Justine ensure they're financially protected before being on the go by getting GInsure Travel Insurance. Within the GInsure dashboard of the GCash app, you can find different insurance products to suit your needs, including GInsure Travel Insurance for as low as P350.

Filipinos can benefit from having protection against unexpected travel expenses resulting from trip delays and cancellations, loss and damage to baggage, accidents, and illnesses. Coverage does not include skilled laborers traveling for employment, high-risk occupations, or one-way trips. 

"As a frequent traveler, it's better to be safe than sorry, especially if you have delayed flights or any issues that are travel-related," says Justine.

Tip #2: Simplify your planning by using GCash to Pay Online. GCash help you plan your trips through its various partners offering special deals at great prices. If you're shopping for all your summer style needs, you can enjoy special offers on TikTok Shop when you pay with GCash. 

Meanwhile, you can find exciting deals for various summer experiences and activities via Klook. You can also use GCash online to pay when you Buy Load for Globe and TM to ensure you stay connected wherever you go. 

"In my experience, I just tell my friends or travel companions, GCash ko nalang, ha! That means you'll just transfer your payments to that person. This just shows how cashless transactions are the way to go. No need to make sure that you have the exact change for the payment, or if you have enough cash to pay," said Cocoy. 

Tip #3: Maximize the ways to pay with GCash. Justine and Cocoy's recent cashless summer experience in LU with GCash exemplified the seamless integration of the finance super app into local travels. The trip highlighted how users can go cashless in one of the country's most popular summer destinations as they used GCash to Scan to Pay- from dining at trendy restaurants to exploring various attractions and even while going from one destination to another. 

"GCash is so convenient. Let's be real, 2024 na, not a lot of people are carrying cash with them, but 10/10 times they have their phone. I'm glad to know LU is adapting to this. Pati yung tricycle drivers naka GCash, which is convenient," added Justine.

Meanwhile, if your travels are taking you out of the country, GCash gives you the option to pay for cashless with the GCash Card. 

"The all new GCash Card is my newest travel must-have! I first tried using it when I went to Hong Kong recently, and I was able to withdraw cash, pay for things, and enjoy low FOREX rate pa!" shared Cocoy.


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