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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Nestlé Homebakers Club Relaunched

Coinciding with the celebration of World Baking Day, Nestlé All Purpose Cream announced the relaunched of the Nestlé Homebakers Club. This is an online community dedicated to empowering homebakers not just with skills, but provide entrepreneurial know-how and connect with other enthusiasts. The relaunch was streamed live on FB last May 23, 2024. 

The online event was hosted by Chef Jackie Ang-Po and guest homebaker, Kathy Apole-Sarmiento. Aside from doing baking demonstrations, and giving insightful advices, they duo also answered lots of questions from the viewers. 

"I'm excited to be part of this amazing community," said Chef Jackie. "The Nestle Homebakers Club isn't just about baking; it's about turning your passion into a thriving business. The relaunch feels like a homecoming, where you can reconnect with experts and peers who are here to support you every step of the way. I'd love for you to join the club and get access to special content, pro tips, and feedback from fellow homemakers who share your enthusiasm."

Chef Jackie and Kathy demonstrated how to make the classic baked macaroni, and chocolate cake respectively. These two are popular choices for gatherings, hence, can be turned into a business product. 

For Kathy, "Baking has always been my passion, and turning it into a business has been a rewarding experience. My love for baking comes from my mom, who was an incredible baker. I started baking for my own family, and over time, I fine-tuned my skills by seeking honest feedback from friends, family, and even experts. I also utilized online resources to continually improve. Being part of an inspiring community that shares your keen interest can get you the support and resources for growth."

In addition to the live demonstrations, the event featured a poll where viewers were asked about the help they need for their business. The interactive format allowed for real-time responses to audience questions and rewarded participants with Homebakers Kits that included Masflex cookware and Nestle All Purpose Cream products to inspire more culinary creations. The sense of community was reinforced with discussions on the benefits of joining the Nestle Homebakers Club, including access to exclusive event content, online classes, expert advice, and networking opportunities. Members can also initiate their own activities, like meet-ups, and sharing culinary creations.

"The Nestle Homebakers Club is there to nurture the talents of homebakers and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. We are excited to see the members of this community flourish in their baking and business endeavors," said Carina Faustino-Dy, Sr. Brand Manager at Nestle All Purpose Cream.


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