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Thursday, June 27, 2024

TCL Inverter & Split Air Conditioners Ranks High in Philippine Market Share

Based on TRS data, TCL Air Conditioner is rising to the top spot in the Philippine AC market for several consecutive quarters in the inverter, split, and large cooling capacity (over 2HP) ACs. From January to May 2024, TCL AC ranked first with a market share of 21.2% in the country.

TCL Air Conditioners has maintained its steady growth with a market share of 21.2% from January to May 2024. TCL's success is further heightened by its performances in the first quarter of 2024: 22.4% market share in inverter ACs; 23.4% in split ACs; and 46.5% in large cooling capacity ACs (over 2HP).

TCL's strong performance in the Philippines is credited to the brand's breakthroughs in the AC market overseas. Under the guidance of the "Belt and Road" and other state policies, TCL Air Conditioner has delved into emerging markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and other regions, with a growth of 39% in the first quarter of this year, bringing a year-on-year growth of over 30% to TCL Air Conditioner in overseas markets. 

TCL Air Conditioner rising to the top spot in the market share in the Philippines through gradual expansion by deploying flagship products and focusing on the high-end segment.

It is learned that TCL ACs product strategy is to drive overall success by creating flagship products through technological innovation. In recent years, TCL AC has focused on the fresh air AC subcategory and created a product lineup composed of intelligent fresh air ACs, intelligent gentle breeze ACs, intelligent energy-saving ACs, among others, through an R&D team with over 1,000 members. 

For overseas markets, TCL Air Conditioner has launched a product lineup of Free Match, AHU and Whisper Window ACs, a full range of unitary and split ACs, by adhering to product and technological innovation, laying a solid foundation for high-speed growth. In the Philippines, with the flagship high-end series such as fresh air, gentle breeze and whisper window ACs being staple products including inverter, split and large cooling capacity ACs, and kept enhancing its influence in the medium- and high-end segments. 

For the Philippine market, TCL strengthened its relationship with national and regional chain stores, including hypermarkets. It also has maintained a strong presence in online e-commerce channels. TCL Air Conditioner is also developing an offline AC wholesale channels and professional HVAC engineering channels energetically, covering a series of model projects, such as CEECs Kaliwa Dam and San Marcelino, POWERCHINA's LGN, Davao MSU and Divimart. Its expansion into diverse channels has been pivotal in the brand's rapid growth. 

TCL Air Conditioner highly recognized by Philippine consumers with products, services and marketing advancing side by side. 

Driving products, services and marketing side by side is an important strategy for TCL ACs breakthroughs in the Philippine market. Fresh air ACs are new-generation ACs. In recent years, TCL Air Conditioner has created the most powerful fresh air product lineup in the industry through constant product and technological innovation and development, leading the development of the new generation of AC. It is noteworthy that the FreshIN2.0 flagship air conditioner series launched by TCL AC in the Philippine market has incorporated the original breathable fresh air technology- two-way fresh air and made AC truly 'breathable' to generate fresh air. Many core technologies have brought healthier, more natural and fresher indoor air Philippine consumers, and become the key to preventing into the medium- and high-end segments in the Philippines. 

The country's complex market environment (mainly due to being a peninsula) pose as a challenge when it comes to service improvement in the AC industry. To improve the service level and users' aftersales experiences, TCL Air Conditioner has launched the "212 instant aftersales installations" service in the Philippines, realizing response in two hours, scheduling within one day and door-to-door visit within two days. This has improved consumer satisfaction greatly while improving the timeliness of services. 

TCL Air Conditioner meets market demand through innovative features such as fresh air, gentle breeze and smart connectivity by focusing on flagship products. Through multiple rounds of market research, TCL AC has created innovative flagship products expected by Philippine consumers, and built a strong enough differentiated product lineup. In addition, to be closer to consumers, TCL AC has made early arrangements for peak period and promotion period communication, and showcased brand influence and product technologies through roadshows of BreezeIN flagship products, and launch and experience events of FreshIN2.0 products, thereby promoting sales conversion and building reputation among users. On top of that, TCL Air AC  has organized renewed quality and technological innovation exhibitions for the 'new generation of AC' in terminal channels uniformly, and made consumers aware of its industry-leading functional advantages such as fresh air, gentle breeze and quadruple filtration more clearly and easily through creative demonstration tools and rich visual materials. While improving recognition among Philippine channel customers in TCL Air Conditioner. 


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