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Friday, June 14, 2024

Casi's Mushroom Chicharon on TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop is helping revolutionize the business landscape of SMEs who are looking for new avenues to grow and expand their businesses. Among this is Casi's Mushroom Chicharon, a local business specializing in snacks crafted from white oyster mushrooms.

Casi's Mushroom Chicharon was founded by Josemartin Casillano during a challenging time. He did this initially as a side project and employed a small team who focused on cultivation, production and sales. 

Since its humble beginnings, customers are quick to spot the nutritional benefits of Casi's Mushroom Chicharon. From then on, Casillano launched a TikTok Shop to increase the visibility of his products.

"Selling Casi's Mushroom Chicharon has become easier because of TikTok Shop. Customers can now see our product. It doesn't require a large capital, and you don't need much technical knowledge to join TikTok Shop," said Casillano.

The businesses experienced a significant growth after partnering with TikTok Shop. The company has since expanded to employ 19 people and now relies on 35 mushroom growers to meet the demand for its product. 

"TikTok Shop helps small business owners like me through their programs like Buy Local, Shop Local. By providing vouchers and discounts, it further boosts the sales of small business owners and also helps local employees and farmers," added Casillano. 

Launched in November 2023, TikTok Shop's Buy Local, Shop Local campaign aims to enhance the visibility of local vendors and promote community pride and economic solidarity among consumers. 

Looking ahead, Casillano sees potential in continuing the partnership with TikTok Shop, recognizing its role in fostering growth for Filipino enterprises.


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