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Thursday, April 18, 2024

BEVI: Born To Bloom

It was a blooming milestone for Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc. (BEVI), as it celebrates 18 years of remarkable growth and achievement.

BEVI has been in the beauty industry since 2006, and because of the company's strong vision, it entered the market and introduced commercial use of kojic acid in the Philippines. From then on, it has developed a range of high-quality products and is now housing brands that cater to categories beyond skin care. 

Guided by its desire to foster genuine connection with its clients, BEVI has adapted to the changing ever changing market landscape by offering revolutionary products, and has since then expanded its portfolio to include a wide range of beauty products, skincare, and wellness. 

In line with the company's coming of age year, BEVI has indeed blossomed into a flourishing company. And with this, BEVI is thrilled to unveil new and exciting product launches that delves into new territories. 

Kojie.san, the brand that has earned its premier spot in the market, introduces Kojie.san +, which takes skincare to new heights of luxury and indulgence. Then there's Life by Kojie.san, that will help enable consumers to experience the brand even more. Diamond Skin by Kojie.san offers a treasure trove of skincare delights, in the form of a skincare set with potent active ingredients. 

With BEVI's Defensil, this revolutionary line of products nurtures the skin with its advance protection against germs. From its initial product line of hand sanitizers and actibacterial sprays, Defensil introduces its line of antibacterial soaps. 

And with BEVI's expansion, it now venturing into the pet food market with Happy Bites by Top2Tail. A line of dog food infused with love, dedication, and passion for pets, guaranteed to delight furry companions at every life stage with wholesome and delicious meals. 

But BEVI goes beyond these quality products as the company aligns itself with its commitment to taking its services to the next level and proud to introduce the following: BIGi (Basic Integrated Global Inc.) provides comprehensive solutions in eCommerce, global distribution expansion, and digital marketing initiatives; SPC Microtech is a state-of-the-art analytical and testing laboratories to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficacy in products; BEVM (Beauty Elements Ventures Manufacturing Inc.), and OSP (One Stand Point Manufacturing Corporation) are dynamic forces in manufacturing services; and the world-class PBB (Philippine Bottling Beverage) manufactures and tolls bottled products. 

BEVI promises to continue evolving, growing, and blossoming in the future as it fulfills its destiny- Born to Bloom.


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